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This calendar will list in chronological order all known discourses given by Eliza R. Snow. These discourses cover the years 1840 to 1887. Each entry provides the editorial title of the discourse used in the project, consisting of date, audience, and location. Beneath the title is a list of relevant versions of that discourse, arranged with the original account (or accounts), if extant, listed first (usually from a Relief Society minute book) and with copied or printed versions, if any, listed below this in chronological order. The calendar will feature all known versions published during Snow’s lifetime—including summaries printed in newspapers and other publications. The term “Not extant” identifies discourses that Snow is known to have given but for which no recorded text exists (meeting minutes or other records are available in many of these cases, but no record of what Snow herself said). The editorial titles for these nonextant discourses are also rendered in italic typeface.

Some discourses were not dated, others provide conflicting dates in two or more versions, and some have dates that are incorrect given what is known about Snow’s travels. For these cases, scholarly judgment is used to determine the most accurate date. When a precise date cannot be determined, discourses are dated using the term “circa” to indicate the most likely timeframe in which the discourse was given and are arranged after any other discourses with precise dates in that same time span. For discourses written by Snow herself, her handwriting will be noted in the version information.

This calendar is incomplete and reflects only the discourses that are currently available on this website.

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