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21 April 1882

Davis Stake Relief Society; Farmington, Utah Territory

Present from Salt Lake City Sisters E. R. Snow Smith & E. [Ellen] B. Ferguson.

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Prest. E. R. Snow Smith said we may not always have this blessed privilege of meeting together in peace to bless & to be blessed. ’Tis a very eventful time. A crisis is coming, but God will not forsake us if our trust is in Him. If we stand at all, it must be by faith & alone, with every prof [proof?] but that His spirit gives, taken from us. She felt in her heart to say “Nearer My God to Thee.” Felt to rejoice in the signs of the times as they are but the fulfillment of prophecy. They betoken the near approach of the time when the Saints will be delivered from bondage. There is no fear but that of departure from God. Said Dr. Furguson was present & had just returned from the East, she would therefore be able to draw the contrast between Zion & the World. Desired very much that one or more sister in every settlement would study medicine & if not to become a Professional to be a competent Nurse. Felt to say “God bless my sisters” [p. 101]

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Prest. [Sarah I.] Holmes said she had not visited much the past Quarter. Ill health, bad weather etc had prevented, but she & her counselors do their best, not allowing work to keep them at home. She advised all to spend their money with our own people & not sustain outsiders.

Prest. Snow Smith held up Pres. Holmes as an example to show how any one improves when she accepts a position & honors it. When she was appointed Prest. of Davis Stake R. S. she could say nothing [p. 103] Now listen to her. She does not realized that she has improved so much She is very modest but <we> can see it. So do all who do their duty. ’Tis for our own good. We have our agency. All feel timid at first but if we persevere we conquer. God blesses us & he blesses our children. Had we never traded with Gentiles they would not now be here. We have supported them, & many would not <now> cut our throats if they could. The speaker said she had never spent one cent with them since she came her[e] in 1847. Wondered if children are taught to pay tithing. They should be. 90 cts is worth more to her if 10 cts be paid for tithing than 1.00 would without. Said she is very particular about paying tithing.

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Source Note

Davis Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1915), vol. 1 (1878–1887), pp. 101–104, CHL (LR 2160 14); Minerva E. Richards, Secretary.

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