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17 May 1882

South Cottonwood Relief Society; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Sister Eliza R Snow addressed the meeting I can say my brethren and Sisters once I was young but now I am old I have seen a great many Changes we we have had a veriety of circumstances but we never stood in the same as to day with severe punishment: some of the Lives of the Brethren Joseph & Hyrum [Smith] & Sidney Rigdon and some more of the saints and had nothing to eat but Joney Cake and not Enough of that and no Clothes and then there was a time when ther was provision and then the Spirit of Speckulation got in a mangst [amongst] the saints not all of them but a Change came and we were driven from Nauvoo [Kirtland, Ohio] we had to Leave Every thing and go I had a house and lot my self I gave three thousand Dollars for I was offered a poultry [paltry] sum for it but I would not take it and we were driven from Nauvoo and the army was sent here the Saints have got to serve them Selves and are we prepared to shut our selves of[f] from worldly goods I think not; we are not prepared as well now as we was twenty years a go [ago] there has been factories built but not Enough of them we want to lean hear [near?] to God I think I have the faith the ancient had; the women who keeps her House is doing her Duty there are many of our Sisters who come to the City and trade with the Gentiles I woul[d] rather rather have nity [ninety] ct [cents] after the Lord had his than to have 1[.]00 before I can get as much after the Lord has his as I could if I had kept his money as I said before keep our right never suffer Hardnes to come in our hearts it is nessary [necessary] to be humble cone [come] life ore death not one princaple would I deni [deny] why Gesus [Jesus] would be ashamed of me I never want to die to get read [rid] of trouble and this Edmunds Bill and they will meet the reward as it the Priet hood [Priesthood] of God it is not Plurality they are after he will never let any thing come to hurt us and then we will come out right in the End motioned this meeting be adjourned untill 2 PM [. . .] [p. 445] [. . .] [p. 446] [. . .]

Sister Snow

there is one subject I would like to suggest that you devid [divide] the primary into Districts when it is such bad weather that the Children cannot come and appoint Presidents protem just as the Bishop and President think best the mothers are the one to lay the foundation for her Children; I am preparing some Books for the Children as the Presidents have not had the opertunity of procuring the right kind and it will make it Easier for them to preform their duty President [John] Taylor has examined them so you nead [need] not fear but what they are all right

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Source Note

Cottonwood First Ward, Cottonwood Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1971), vol. 1 (1868–1886), pp. 445–447, CHL (LR 7772 14).

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