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24 October 1879

Morgan Stake Relief Society; South Morgan Schoolhouse, Morgan, Utah Territory

Single-story, brick school with chimney stacks; men and children pose in front

South Morgan schoolhouse, Morgan, Utah Territory. (Used by permission, Morgan County Historical Society.)

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Sister E. R. S. Smith who was with us was then called upon to address us Said that by the assistence of the good spirit she would try and say a few words. was pleased to again have the privelage of meeting with the sts [saints] of this place and also to see so many present Brethren as well as sisters It proved that our intrests were One and insepeperable [inseparable] & our labors are as much for their good as our own

She gave some good instruction to the Sis concerning their manner of doing business Instruction to Secretaries were as follows that inasmuch as their duties were arderous [arduous] and consume much time they were not required to report the addreses of each speaker but make a note of All general instruction and also all business transacted. The changes of Officers & the names of those giving in Branch Reports, to the Branch Secretaries she said it was not necessary to write the names of all the Officers but be sure to mention any changes of Officers that might Occur but always sign their own name as Secretary

Said it was necessary that the sisters should stand up and speak to and bear their testimony to each other As it would fit them to fill any positions they might be called upon to fill with self posession & dignity

Spoke of the necessity of having Primary associ[p. 24]ations in evry ward that our little ones might be taken while they were pure and uncontaminated with Evil and implant within their the principles of the Gospel and thus rear them up under its influences so that when they are old enough they will be prepared to join <the> more advanced Societies & associations

Said that in selecting the Officers for the Primaries we kneed [need] the very best talent we have in our midst those who love little Children and have the faculty of drawing them around them and leading them in the proper path said it was astonishing to see the advancement made by the little ones when properly directed theirs are bright spirits held in reserve to come forth in this Generation and all they kneed is to be led along in the proper path.

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Con adj till 2.15 P.M.

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Sister. E. R. S. Smith. on arising asked the questions who are we? & what are we? and why do we assemble ourselves togather is it to look at each other or is it for the purpose of seeking the spirit of the Lord

We are verily daughters of God our Heavenly Father [p. 26] spirits held in reserve for this day by him he knowing that we would be firm & faithful to his cause we should realize this. said the world were trying to prevent our keeping the commandments of God but they could not do it we would be weak indeed if we valued this life or the comforts thereof more than the commandments of our Father This life is a mere nothing in comparison with the great Eternity before us

Our duty should be first & foremost we sometimes forget our positions and allow our hearts to be filled with worldly considerations and allow our weaknesses and infimities to overcome us thus the flesh draws us downward. this is wrong we should not allow the spirit of this world to overcome our spirits but use evry exertion to overcome our weaknesses and Evils Said these were sacred things we must not trifle with them we would each of us yet have evry act of our lives to meet Individualy said we must not wait for god to move us but go to work & ask his assistence—should not neglect any chance for advancement but go on step by step until we stepped right into our Fathers <Celestial> Kingdom

Said the Prophet Joseph [Smith] had said that whenever the Church was fully Organized there would be R. S. [Relief Society] Also that she was the first one he ever spoke to about it said also that taking Care of the poor was but a small part of our duties the saving of souls was of far greater importence The greatest part of our labur is that that is not reported and cannot be She thought the sisters who do not attend their meetings <were to> be pitied for if they ever had <the light of> the spirit of God in our hearts it had gone out & they were left in darkness it is our duty to use evry exertion to awaken them

with regard to our young People there is much expected of them they are born heirs to the Priesthood and being raised under its influence Our Boys should be Prophets & our Girls Propheteses The souls of our Children are intrusted to our Care we should teach them first of all to be scrupelously honest then we have a [p. 27] foundation to build upon, it will be impossible for them to be of worth in the Kingdom of God if they are not Said a dishonest cannot surround the throne of God Said our organization auth— [authorizes] us to settle any dificulties exhisting among its members without troubling the Brethren

Advised the sisters when they go to the[i]r meetings to go prepared as they would to a picknic carrying their good things Along with them and then not be selfish but open their mouths and speak of the goodness of God that all might be benefitted

said the time has actualy come when the Sts must live by Faith. wished the Sis not to allow any thing to come into ther midst that would cause disunion she did not have time to find fault with any one & wished all to live so that they would have no reflections to cast upon themselves said we have evry thing to encourage us in the discharge of our duties

we may get chastizement sometimes but that is far better than being rejected and Satan cannot go farther than the Lord permits him to for our own good— she felt to acknowledge the hand of the Lord in persecution & Imprisonment if caused by Keeping the commandments of God. Job maintained his integrity through all his afflictions and by acknowledging the Hand of God that that was taken from him was restored two fold & his last days were his best days— she reccommended that R S & Y L M I [Young Ladies Mutual Improvement] Associations jointly istablish Libraries but select their Books with great care. spoke of the responsibilities resting upon us as voters and also the blessings derived by partaking of the sacrament aright &c &c

[. . .] Con adj until sat morning at. 10. A.m. [. . .] [p. 28] [. . .]

Sis. E. R. S. Smith. addressed them a short time in a very instructive manner. [. . .] [p. 29]

Source Note

Morgan Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1973), vol. 1 (1878–1912), pp. 24–29, CHL (LR 5777 14); Huldah Cordelia Smith, Secretary.

See also H. Cordelia Smith, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 14 (15 Dec. 1879): 110.

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