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22 June 1878

Moroni Relief Society; Moroni City Hall, Moroni, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister Eliza R Snow addressed the Congregation, was glad to meet with the Sisters of this places. yet sorrow. as it recalled to mind the [p. 124] loss that we have sustianed sins the last time she meet with us. when last she meet with the Saints of this place, our dearly and much beloveed Prest Brigham Young was present. But the Lord in his wisdom, has called him from our midst. and in the proper time to receive him from the grasp of his Enemies. She [e]xhorted the Sisters to be prayerful and to watch ther dayly cours[e] in life, and let ther whole intrest be for the Kingdom of God this was the Covinent we made, when we entered the watters of Babtism. Suffer not your affections to rest upon the vain things of this World, but try to have your Religion at hart and have your minds set upon the Kingdom of God. When in your houses performing your domestic duties this well be a Cumfert and a blessing to each and everyone that will obcerve [observe] this. let not the spirit of God leave you for one moment, but live near unto the Lord. that you may do the work assigned you to <do> here upon the Earth. She also spoke of keeping clean houses as well as clean harts for the spirit of God can not dwell in unclean places. make your homes happy and cheerful and to shine with Celestial glory. Teach your Children the ways of the Lord and set an example before them worthy of Imitiation. keepe your young folks at home nights and place before them the Choistest [choicest] qualities of good Books. Teach them how to become selfsustaining make ther own hats, and do not follow efter the fasshions of Babbalon. for my dear young Sisters the time is not far destant when you will have to fill a much higher spier [sphere] then we ar[e] filling to day. She spoke upon silkraising home industry of all kinds. Laying up grain, raiseing white beens [beans], for a famine is comming and I think it is close at hand. May God blees [bless] you all that your understandings may be enlarged that you may fully realize the Obligations you ar[e] under to your Creater.

[. . .] [p. 125] [. . .]

Sister [Jane] Bailey exspressed her determination to carry out the Councils that has been given by the Sisters [. . .] [p. 126]

Source Note

Moroni Ward, North Sanpete Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1871–1920), vol. 2 (1872–1881), pp. 124–126, CHL (LR 5786 14); Susanne Christensen, Secretary.

See also Jane Bailey, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 5 (1 Aug. 1878): 39.

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