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31 October 1873

Riverdale Relief Society; Riverdale, Utah Territory

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Remarks by Sister. Eliza. R. Snow

We ought to live so as to assist each other. Are we as well qualified as we should be. We have been down into the waters of baptism and took upon us the name of Jesus Christ, and the question arises, have we lived up to those covenants we made. Has the gospel been upermost in our minds have we cultivated the spirit we designed to many of my Sisters have been born in the church and taught to believe the gospel, and are they preparing themselves for a life of usefulness and the great responsibilities that rest upon them as for a help and a medium. God has organized the relief society not man, he has organized it for womans benefit, as well as all <for the> church We have no interest only what is connected with the church it is for every woman of moral character many that become members do not live to their religion. It has done a great deal of good, in fulfilling the many duties we find we can accomplish a great deal with the aid of the relief societys when abroad I often spoke of the relief society had the satisfaction of hearing gentlemen say it was the best organization on the earth. I dont know whether the Sisters in this place are blessing themselves as well as the poor, there may not be many poor here, then you may have something to help gather the poor. When I was in ogden we were calling for sisters for a medical class we have been successful. And now we are calling for young sisters to study medicine to go through a regular course, of so as to be able to amputate limbs The sisters should meet often so as not to get cold. Once a month is to long we get worn down. The spirit needs food as well as the body. The sisters have more of the Spirit when they meet often. The Sisters may say what is the use, unless we have poor people that [p. 12] needs seeing after. Has not God endowed you with the power of speach, has not God given you many blessings. The sisters may say I cannot say anything. We can cultivate habits, we have got to be determined if we wish to accomplish anything We want to have the Spirit of god with us as we cannot accomplish anything without his help—There is not a sister that cannot say something, even the least have good thoughts, one sister may know how to nurse another to make good bread so we can impart some of that knowledge to others. Joseph Smith said this society was not only for the poor but to save souls, my sisters will notice when they have a contentious feeling and let it multiply, it is because they give their tongues to the adversary. we never should cherish such a spirit the sin is in giving up to temptation. Sisters should always have their dishes uncovered before a blessing is asked. A circumstance occured in Kirtland in blessing oil they had forgotten to remove the cork it flew out and touched the ceiling. another time a brother saw a finger remove it and extend down to the oil. I am careful to always cork up a bottle after using it for fear some other spirit might enter in. Sisters can do a great deal of good in teaching their children, teach by your countenances, it is of the greatest consequence that the foundation should be laid when your children are young. They get impressions established before mothers are aware of it. This is a benefit in our young ladies Society it will assist them through life, they will study to treasure up good ideas Joseph Smith taught this and taught concerning the domestic circle also sisters should speak kind to their husbands and encourage them. I think every sister will try to make home comfortable and help her husband. If her husband wishes to sustain cooperation she will not speak lightly of it many children are being ruined by parents many will go to other stores to trade instead of going to a cooperative store, no one is getting rich by working against Zion I try to induce the young to think of this. every daughter should be brought into association with each other you cannot [p. 13] commence to early to train these young sisters in cooperation teach some to be secritaries and some to be treasurers and it will come as natural as can be, but leave them and other things will be in their hearts. There will be no room for the spirit of the lord. We profess to be saints and when we have the spirit of the lord we are happy we can meet every trial it is better to perform every duty than go zigzag and live for the world. Let us get our hearts filled with the spirit of God I have thoug[h]t if it were not for our ignorance there would be no trials when we have proven our integrity we feel sorry we have yielded to temptation if you feel a sister has ill treated you, do not allow yourself to do wrong, it is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong I want to tell the sisters how to make the society feel they can not do without them. always try to be there and do all you can so they will feel they cannot do without you I do recommend the Sisters to learn to be good financiers you can find time to go to meeting I never encourage mothers to neglect their children unless well taken care of by those you can trust. I have many testimonies that by going to meeting we get a good spirit and our countenances glow and all are happy I would like for the sisters to take the exponent it is the only paper in Utah edited by women. I think the sisters ought to feel highly honored. President [Franklin D.] Richards is spending his time and gives his attention to the relief society. We hope the relief society will renew their efforts in the improvement of woman to everything that is calculated to refine we want our young ladies to learn to be good housewives, after that if they have a good foundation of character you can pile on all the ornaments and they will not become topheavy. My Sisters that are Mothers, should influence their sons and daughters to read our papers and learn what is going on in the world, if mothers are interested children are it lifts their minds above vanity. I hope my sisters here will never be discouraged but grow in faith and [p. 14] knowledge. The saints will can accomplish anything if they can cultivate determination. There is somet[h]ing before us to call us forth to energy. Some need to cultivate energy but we have energetic women, it is for us to throw off this stupor that seems to be creeping over us. I think if we were more free in bearing our testimony we should have more of the spirit of God. I am proud of you my sisters. God bless you my sisters, bless you in your homes if you labor for good and a pure upright motive you will get your reward God bless you my sisters and enable you to do all the good you can

[. . .] President Richards spoke wishing to assist Sister Snow all he could [. . .] [p. 15]

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Riverdale Ward, Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1872–1973), vol. 1 (1872–1884), pp. 12–15, CHL (LR 7535 14); Amelia M. Frodsham, Secretary.

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