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12 November 1878

Hooper Relief Society; Hooper, Utah Territory

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Sister Eliza R Snow said she was happy to meet with the sisters of Hooper, was pleased to see some of the bretheren present. Said that abroad there is constant warfare; but in this Church there is but one interest, there is no divission. The Releif society was organized for the purpose of elevating woman as an equal with man. a live saint is constantly seeking after the things of God.

If we are seeking to become true saints there is a life of improvement beyond. As God has revealed this gospel and [p. 94] and we have went into the waters of baptism then we are responsible for our deeds.

The releif society has a great many duties to preform, and every sister in the church should become a member of it and each member of it has to preform [perform] a part of these duties. The sister that excuses herself from being a member is losing great blessings in the future, for we are not going to be judged by our faith but by our works. Sister Snow then related a vission that a sister had in Salt Lake City. Do not think that we can stay at home and accomplish the work of God. Also spoke of unity said we must become one sooner or later, said we have no time to do any thing but good, us sisters that once dwelt in the presence of our great Father could we stoop so low as to find fault one with another and with the priesthood. The time has been when it would appear rid[i]culous for the sisters to stand up in a public meeting and speak but now it is their duty, we may stay a way from meeting and dru[d]ge from sunday to sunday, and we will feel cross and a[w]ry. but the sister who attend her meeting her meeting and gets her heart fill with the spirit of God then she is always happy.

When we enter this kingdom we must turn our back upon the world and acknowledge the hand of God in all things.

When our children are taken from us we have the consolation that if we live right before God we shall see and have them again Said there are a number of missions for the releif society to preform. the [p. 95] prophet Joseph [Smith] said it is not only to releive the poor but to save souls.

who gives character to society? why it is woman. woman has form the disposition of man <children> and then train them to manhood and womanhood; and woman still holds an influence over man. We ought to lay the foundation of faith in God in the first place, and get his spirit to help us to accomplish the work we came here to do. We will have to introduce a new fashion here the fashon of zion to wear all home made apparell. Wanted the sisters to realize their responsibility in this matter and make this their fashion in a short time we would be independent of the world as far as our dress is concerned. spoke of the silk culture as giving employment to the saints who gather from abroad; also spoke of our meetings desired the sisters to be more punctual in attending there [their] meetings she also urged the sisters to store grain and white beans against a day of famine spoke of the primary mutual improvement associations organized for the children. gave much more excelent instruction, counciled the sisters to read the revelation on plural maraige.

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Hooper 1st Ward, Hooper Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1871–1973), vol. 1 (1871–1893), pp. 94–96, CHL (LR 3894 14).

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