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13 March 1877

Ogden Relief Society; Ogden, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sister J. [Jane] S. Richards [. . .] I feel it a great privilege, and <feel> all are pleased to meet with Sister Snow. She will give you something good, and I pray our memories may be strengthened that we can retain it. [. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow. Sister Richards says sister Snow will give you something good I can say nothing without your prayers and the spirit of God, nothing short will edify a true Latter Day Saint. It is the Spirit that cheers the heart thanks to God that the fountain is open and free to all. Sisters I am truly glad of this opportunity it seems a long time since I have met with. Your countenances look familiar you are the daughters of Abraham it is the seed of Abraham gathering out from the world The Lord made promises to the seed of Abraham inasmuch as we listen to the Gospel we ought to reallise we are the blessed; it is those that are called and chosen and are faithful. He has said I will send forth fishermen to fish for them and hunters to hunt for them and will say to the North give up and to the South keep not back. I do not understand that we have as much of that blood as these wandering savages. I almost feel we will be left behind [p. 163] when these Lamanites come forth I feel we are waking up require us to be a peculiar people. we have to rise up with a determination to be wholly the Lords. To have our feelings so concentrated on God that we will care for nothing else in seeking after the things of this wo[r]ld it is the habit & practice of mankind to forget Him. Father knows the traditions we are subject to I felt before I heard the Gospel that I had no right to the blessings promised to Abraham when I heard that blood was mixed up with all, I felt I had a little of that blood, what will it profit me if I don’t live up to it. We are going to be judged by our works, have we any personal interest or are we for Fathers interest. We are children working for Father.

I frequently ask myself are my interests completely absorbed in this work for Father I sometimes get so absorbed I forget my own wants. When we are united in one grand plalanx [phalanx] and work together we can accomplish much we want to unite ourselves and get rid of everything that stands between us and Father. Can we overcome our weaknesses can we so overcome everything and look for the interest of others as well as for ourselves. Can we get so engaged and absorbed as to forget all but our duties to Father. Does God expect us to accomplish what he has designed. I am mistaken if he has not laid out all we can do can we say we have got no work to do. We have sometimes thought the brothers would save us but I think Sisters we have so much to do we shall have to hurry up. One Sister will say I have all I can do at home perhaps there are places where that might apply. We have labours outside of our domestic labours We tend to our duties better and get along better when we have our object ahead it lifts us up. We pass over many things we must be humble we have a great deal to look after we have the Poor—we are called to raise silk [p. 164] One thing we can clothe ourselves easier than in than in any other way. Women and children can do the work it will keep so many engaged no time for evil doing It is going to be a staple article. Had we carried out council and worked for self sustaining we should be far better off. We should have a million of trees where we have one. It is a fact that it is a success. One sister will say what can I do Shall I put out trees perhaps you as a wife a mother or a sister can use your influence and have them put out or can assist.

We are now called on to store up grain. One woman in Salt Lake City felt womans sphere was to narrow Since she has been called to tend to the receiving of grain and to the silk business She feels womans sphere is large enough before woman suffrage was given us She wanted to get up a petition for it, but I held on to her. The Lord has given us ability and whatever He calls us to do through the Priesthood May we do and not hang back.

So with our life if we take one step we need not wait but just move forward.—I know something of the situation of the sisters here in Ogden. We shall want a place for storing more wheat before another harvest. It is a call from God. Now we are publishing a Womans book it is to bear testimony to the world we are called down trodden. We are going to have our own way when they see this book they will not blame the brethren but see that we own Poligamy and would not have it struck out of our vocabulary It is being done by shares as soon as the shares are taken up we are going have an article drawn up the sisters have one third secured to them each sister that has shares. I think the work will be loud preaching there are 48 shares at twenty five dollars a share. We want it done pretty soon so as to get it out. If Uncle Sam dont break up so as to stop traffic it is expected to be a financial success, but we my Sisters are called to labour for the building up of Zion [p. 165] and the training of the young. If a mother discourages a daughter she is doing a suicidale work This work depends on having mighty men and Godly women. Zion is strengthening

Sisters dont let us do any thing to hinder it. Dont let us neglect our duties that we may have a great reward. Sisters at home traini[n]g a child dont let us circumscribe ourselves When using our influence encourage them in that way that may attain the Holy Spirit. It is more nesessary than sending Missionaries abroad My heart has been pained when Elders have been sent abroad to see the training our young needed—I feel pleased to have the privilege of being with you today and say God bless you and unite you to-gether with an undivided effort that you may make your mark and be coworkers and be associated with the highest inteligences that you may receive a crown.

[. . .] [p. 166]

[. . .]

Sister J. S. Richards expressed her thankfulness in having the Sisters Snow & [Zina D.] Young with felt all enjoyed it. [. . .]

Sister Snow Explained about the book they was having printed Also spoke of the Society store in the City said it our store, your store have nothing there only what is home made do not sell any Babylonish things another thing the sisters are called to do. A year ago I little thought [p. 167] I ever should be a merchant It belongs to the Relief Society, it belongs to the Sisters to encourage every thing home made. We have a home made lace vail that cannot be beat outside of Utah. We have different kinds of lace very nice one bertha which it is said is worth 75 or a hundred dollars.

You have a store here that belongs to Ogden in supporting that store you are carrying <out> the councils of the Holy Priesthood, just as long as we wear Babilonious things we are beholden to them I want any of you Sisters if you come to the City to come in and see what a collection we have. We have things to sell on commission.

I am there every day of the week all I have is my board I dont have an article out of the store without paying for it Zion will never become independent until we make our own wearing appalrrel [apparel]. We had better not pray to hard for Babylon to fall for fear we might fall with it. I heard Joseph Smith say the time would come when they would come up to Zion from all parts for the finest fabrics for they would be made there. knitted lace for pillowcases is called for more than any thing we have a bolt of fringe manufactured in Brigham City I have got a home made dress trimmed with it. We have wooden knitting needles, wooden buttons There are many people out of work brothers & sisters, and we supporting Babylon, let us stop that and promote Home Manufacture, this is what God wants then when Babylon falls we will have something to dress ourselves with. The Gentiles often get things at our store.

[. . .] [p. 168] [. . .]

Sister H. C. [Harriet C.] Brown felt it was no use telling how well she felt and determined to do as Sister Snow said felt proud of the Sisters and of our Society.

[. . .]

Sister E. R. Snow if you my Sisters will exercise your faith my heart is full of blessings to bless you lift up your hearts to God. Then blessed the Sisters in tongues.

Sister Zina Young gave the interpretation [p. 169]

[. . .]

Sister Ann Odell [. . .] prayed God to bless Sister Snow.

Sister [Margaret M.] Summerhayes felt to rejoice to be here felt she had indeed been blest.

[. . .]

Sister Maria Hurman prayed God would bless all with a spirit of union that we might go forth as a band of sisters prayed that God our Father would pour out his spirit on Sisters Snow Young & Richards.

Sister Sarah James felt thankful she had a name amongst this people knew Sister Snows words were true & knew the Lord would sustain them that help the build up Zion

[. . .]

Sister J. S. Richards We have have such a good meeting I thank the Sisters for coming, and thank the Sisters for their help, faith, and prayers [. . .] Supposed this evening was lost entertainin[g] Sister Snow & Young would stop the evening with us [. . .]

Benediction by Sister Eliza. R. Snow [p. 170]

Source Note

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See also Amelia M. Frodsham, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 5, no. 22 (15 Apr. 1877): 170.

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