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22 July 1881

Davis Stake Relief Society; Bountiful, Utah Territory

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Present from Salt Lake Sisters E. R. Snow Smith & Zina D. [H.] Young. [. . .] [p. 84] [. . .]

Sister Snow then spoke to quite a length up [upon] the organizations of the sisters, etc. Said her missionary labors began in “this house.” The first Primary Association was organized in the Davis Stake. Noted the improvement since then. Spoke of her visit in the South. Said “though we do no evil, we have not accomplished what our Creator designed unless we do good. Our books do not show how many wounds have been healed, drooping hearts made happy, weak ones made strong with love, but there are books kept which record these things. God will eternally reward our sufferings. Warned mothers against outside school influences. If they teach no religion, they unteach ours.

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Mrs. E. R. S. Smith followed with suitable remarks. Condemned the practice of fault finding & harboring ill feelings. Said be patient in time of trial & acknowledge God’s hand in all things. Let Him revenge the wrongs done us. Let nothing prevent us from partaking of the sacrament worthily & thus have our sins forgiven us. In speaking of grain, said, the requirement to loan it only meant for the one year of Jubilee. Unless those in <the> Priesthood over <us> advise us again to loan, then they will be held responsible for its return. Urged unity of feeling & Cooperation in all our labors. There is no principle which takes from us our selfishness & elevates & purifies us as does that of Plural marriage. To become great we must first conquer ourselves To the young she said “Live so that the Saints cannot do without you.[”]

[. . .] [p. 86]

Source Note

Davis Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1915), vol. 1 (1878–1887), pp. 84–86, CHL (LR 2160 14).

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