23 December 1880

Anniversary Celebration; St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah Territory

Image of the St. George Tabernacle taken in 1935

St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah Territory. (Courtesy Church History Library. Photograph by LeRoi Clarence Snow in Utah scenes, 1935 Collection.)

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7th Subject written for the occasion by Sister Eliza R. Snow, to be read by Elder James G. Bleak.

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10th Address by Sister Eliza R. Snow.

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Sister Susie [Susa] Young Gates read an original poem by Sister Eliza R. S. Smith— [n.p.]

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Sister Eliza R. Snow Smith—I had seen the prophet Joseph [Smith] before I was baptd [baptized] into the Church He was then a very boyish lookg [looking] person

I considered myself a good ph[y]siognomist and scrutinized his face very closely and decided that he was an honest man

I accepted the truth that he was a prophet of God and have not for one moment ever wavered in this acceptance— While the Prophet Joseph lived his word was to me the word of God— When Joseph passed behind the vail the w[o]rd of Brigham Young was the word of God to me and now the word of John Taylor is the word of God to me [n.p.]

I feel honored in standing before you this day— to bear testimony to the work of that good, true, holy man of God and that man my husband.

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Assassination of Joseph & Hyrum [Smith] by Sister E R Snow was read by Bro. Jas G Bleak

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Source Note

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