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15 October 1878

Portage Relief Society; Portage, Utah Territory

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Miss E R Snow said it was allways a pleasure for her to rise before her sisters.

said it was our duty to rise to talk not to waite till they feel qualified for if they feel qualifyed they would fail we should meet together often there is a great many that do not know that they are born heirs to the kingdom of god.

as a relief Society we are atending to the Most important things said how very important it is to let the things of the world go and be interested in the kingdom of god

she wondered if the young ladys [k]new this gosple was true or if they only heard there parants say so said for them to try and find out for themselv [themselves] said we may have all we can receive in the church but if we did not live for it it would avail us nothing

She hoped all the sisters belonged to the relief society we did not come to be silent members we must be active we come together to bless each other the sisters that come to meeting keep there homes more comfortable than them that cant get time to come..

we new where we were going after death said we must so live that we may be accounted worthy,

we had got a mission to store up grain and beans we have nothing to fear [p. 123]

let us be true to our religion and to each other a sister told her the other day that pres [Brigham] young said in her house that if the people would not live in the united order he hoped he would not live to see the trials of the people talked on temple building home industry if the sisters would they could make home made clothing neater than imported most all of her clothing was homemade said every brother and sister in portage should ware [wear] homemade

we ought to set examples to the gentiles but we have to be united.

she believed the sisters was doing well she was proud of her sisters in portage said perhaps the brethern would not want her to speak on prural [plural] marriage said she knowed the sisters would not mind it talked to the young sisters and told them never to say one word against the principal said that an angle [angel] stood by Joseph Smith with a drawn Sword and told him to go into it. told the little girls never to say anything against the principal.

some sisters would say I do not like my husband to divide his affection

he does not divide his affection she would dispise a man who could not love more than one woman1

She asked the lord to bless us

[. . .] [p. 124] [. . .]

On Motion by Miss Snow sccd [seconded] by Mrs Lucinda Hoskins that Sharlotte Timms be pres of relief society of district 8th 9th

[. . .] [p. 125]

Source Note

Portage Ward, Malad Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1870–1973), vol. 1 (1870–1882), pp. 123–125, CHL (LR 7113 14).

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