4 May 1879

Malad Relief Society; Malad, Idaho Territory

[. . .]

Sister Eliza Snow spoke of her incapibity [incapability] of instructing us unaided by the Spirit of the Lord, wishing us not to have any nationality with each other, but Comfort those who need Comfort, ask the question are we building each other up, if we are [p. 100] we will receive the Blessing Spoke of the time wearing away Quoted the passage Woe, Woe, to the Women in Zion, that are liveing in there ease, said there are Records kept of our lives, Spoke highly of those who had been Gleaning, spoke upon the training of the Young spoke upon Home Industrys Spoke upon Infedellity wishing us to gain the Victory over our Own selves, for eye hath not Seen nor ear heard what is in reserve for them that Serve him

[. . .]

Conference May 4 Evening [. . .]

Sister Anne C. Sawyer was then set apart and voted in as President of the Relief Society Sister Jane M. Williams as her first Counselor Sister Ester P. Lusk as her Second Counselor

[. . .] [p. 101]

Sister Eliza Snow then explaned the duties that rested upon them wished us not to speak a word against Plural Marrage Spoke upon that principle

[. . .] [p. 102]

Source Note

Malad Ward, Malad Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1874–1915), vol. 1 (1874–1908), pp. 100–102, CHL (LR 5191 14).

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 2 (15 June 1879): 13.

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