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4 December 1880

Pine Valley Primary; Pine Valley, Utah Territory

The primary association Was organized on the 4th of December; By Mrs Eliza R; Snow Smith— Mrs. Zina D Huntington [Young] Smith and Mrs. Minerva White Snow— Meeting called to order By E R Snow [. . .]

Mrs Eliza R. Snow addressed the children and Said she Was much pleased With their singing— and gave them some Very Valuble instruction; and asked them many questions Who Was the first prophet in the church? and Who appeared; to Joseph Smith? and Who was the Dr— of the Latter Day Saints? Who they sent for to administer to them When they Were Sick? These were answered correctly by the children— She then told them that during her travels she had attended the childrens fair; Which Was realy Very Interesting, There was shown specimens of art and industry and mentioned some of them— She then asked them to raise Their hands; if th[e]y Wished to be organized Which thy did at once— she then asked them to let Mrs Minerva Snow choose a presidentess; accordingly she presented the name of Sophia M Burgess Which the children nominated and [p. 3] Voted in as presidentess [. . .] sister E R Snow then spoke Very kindly to the children to encourage them to be good and to attend to their prayers and asked a blessing on their food that they might grow and become mighty men and Women in the kingdom of God [. . .] [p. 4] [. . .]

dismissed By Eliza R. Snow Smith

Source Note

Pine Valley Ward, St. George Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1880–1951), vol. 1 (1880–1883), pp. 3–4, CHL (LR 6941 18); Sarah Jane Hancock, Secretary.

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 9, no. 14 (15 Dec. 1880): 109; and “Woman’s Voice,” Woman’s Exponent 9, no. 19 (1 Mar. 1881): 151.

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