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24 September 1884

Hooper Relief Society; Hooper, Utah Territory

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Sister E R Snow said she hoped to be heard having a severe cold. was pleased to meet with the saints of God, was proud to be associated with hand maids of God. Would to God every one that professed to be members of the Female Relief Society were live members, and could realize the weight resting upon them. the Relief Society is a part of the organization of the church, said if the bretheren could do our duty she would not be standing before us to day. But we have to do our own work, and the work of the Lord. We have been counciled to manufacture our own clothing, asked how much clothes we had on of our own make, then we could decide how much we are independent of Babylon. The Lord has given us honorable positions in his church. if we will only fill them. But there are members in this organization that are a dead weight upon it. They say they have to[o] much to do to come to meeting they are trying to amass the things of this world. Their homes are not near so atractive and happy as the home of the sisters that are living up to every duty attend their meetings and partake of the spirit of God. We profess to be saints let us look back to the time when we were baptized and see what it takes to make a saint. Think of the covenants we have made to work for our Father all our lives, if we live up to our duty and live so as to partake of the spirit of God, [p. 159] what joy and happiness we will receive, we have to honor every principl[e], not flatter ourselves that we can live apart and ignore the rest. How can we fill a mission we know nothing about. If we live faithful, do nothing to grieve the spirit of our Father that spirit will be with us and show us our mission. some would be satisfied with a lesser glory and have it a little easier in this world. but our family ties are not complete only in the celestial Kingdom, and to enter this Kingdom we must obey the celestial laws.

Some will say they cannot share their husbands affections with another, this is nonsense. our husbands have large souls and are capable of loving more women as much as a true Mother is of loving more than one child. We must be determined to live faithful lives, and have the principles of the Gospel at heart and u[p]permost in our minds. The sisters have an important mission to save up wheat and store it up for a day of famine, for it will come as sure as the sun will set, for the Lord has said it. If we have a plenty [aplenty] today we may have a scarcity tomorrow, we do not know it will come when the Lord wills. we should not loan our grain as a society for speculation this is wrong. In the year of jubilee the sisters were instructed to loan their wheat for seed. but we are not to sup[p]ose it must be loaned every year. the speaker wanted to say a few words to the primary Mothers as they have more to do with forming their character than any one else. the primary was desingned [designed] to assist the mothers in teaching their children. [p. 160] We should be always willing to bless each other, and show kindness in word and action to all, and live so as to keep the holy Ghost and we will secure eternal lives and rest in the presence of God and all the holy preisthood.

Sister [Jane S.] Richards felt her weakness said it was a miracle that sister Snow was with us today as she was very sick last night and this morning. but the Spirit of God has rested upon her, so that she could come and exhort and encourage the sisters to be faithful in keeping the com[m]andments of God. [. . .]

Spoke to the children encouraged them to remember the teachings of sister Snow. felt greatly pleased will [with] the instruction she had given.

[. . .]

[. . .] Bishop [Gilbert] Belnap felt to rejoice in having the sisters meet with us felt to bless sister Snow and hoped she would be able to meet with us many times yet. [. . .] [p. 161]

Source Note

Hooper First Ward, Hooper Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1871–1973), vol. 1 (1871–1893), pp. 159–161, CHL (LR 3894 14).

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