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9 November 1869

Salt Lake City Nineteenth Ward Relief Society; Nineteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister E R Snow unexpectedly made us a visit which gave new life to the meeting after the busisness connected with the Society was transacted she addressed the sisters she says I have been looking around and feel pleased to see the peace and union that is with you on my journey south Br [Brigham] Young met with the Female Relief Societys at different places he was pleased to be with them he said in one meeting that the sisters were way marks they could have great influence in society that every one could do some thing to aid she says Sisters you must seek wisdom from above look after the poor the body should be brought in subjection to the spirit it is angelic to administer to the poor we must look after the souls as well speaking of fashions Br Young says the sisters can do far more than he can in controling the fashions we could have things more like the order of God we can cultivate taste but after the order of God if we should seek to know from above we should do far above different we succomb after the world after Babylon I do not mean we should make ourselves look ordinary but beautify your selves mak[e] your clothing as nice as possible. I see several young Ladies braiding straw I am pleased with it try to influence your brothers your husbands to wear straw hats make them nice. I consider the Ward has done [p. 76] admibly [admirably] in straw hats and bonnets try to get a quantity of straw on hand in order to do good we must do be right ourselves be humble sisters when we can [get?] enough of the spirit [of?] God to commune with God we will feel our independance we will be happier if the sisters would unite put their energies to-gether to manufacture our own apparrel it would put down a spirit of apostasy and of faultfing [faultfinding] we have perplexities we want to be on our guard cultivate a good spirit we will have power to overcome unite your efforts do not be dis-couraged if only a few assist in this organization If I was to choose some one to assist me I should choose that had stood side by side in the Female Relief Society those that fill their station it is something to be a queen and another to be a subject we see some that are too wise they will not act in an organization we can become more disiplined there is no sect on earth that has a pattern of heavenly things but we have the Lord is putting us to the test some think that they must not be trained in temporal matters but only in spiritual matters this is the spirit of Apostasy can a woman influence her husband in these things they can encourage the cooperation and every good principle some have been a barrier through a constant dropping have put their husband back if you throw a bad influence you will be responsible we must rouse up those that are drowsy encourage them to listen this Church is now 40 years old the same length of time the Children of Israel was in the Wilderness we are rolling on at rapid rates I feel the importance of being awake live by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God I feel to bless you my sisters [p. 77]

[. . .] Sister H [Hannah H.] Pierce spoke a few encouraging words that in obeying counsil we felt better and possessed more of the spirit of God that she had found great consolation in listening to the teaching of sister Snow. Sister E R Snow arose to take her leave said she could hardly take her lea tear herself from the place she felt such a warmpth of the spirit of God meeting was brought to a close [p. 78]

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Nineteenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1971), vol. 1 (1868–1875), pp. 76–78, CHL (LR 6092 14); Abigail D. Hovey, Secretary.

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