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28 September 1880

Annabella Relief Society; Annabella, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister Emma [J.] Spafford spoke and sayd We all knew the purpose of us Comming togather today to be instructed and advised requested Sistr Eliza R Snow to speak to us she sayd [said] When she came into this place and saw us so scattered she wonderet [wondered] how manny would be present, as we had so far to come, but she sayd we did not have so many of other difficulty to overcome as the[y] had in the City, there were so many of the young that was overcome with evel [evil] habets, such as using of liquer and tobacco, did not think here was so much danger out here spoke to the yo[u]ng and advised the yong Ladys choose good husbonds, asked them if they knew this Gospel was true sayd they should know it for themselves by having a testemony of their own, advised them to be faithfull and take part in everything attend meetings get up and speak while they were yong, and they would overcome all fear, referred to Br Georg [George] Q, Cannons first speech how he trembeled sayd we did not know what we might be called to do for she has had to get up and speak in Courts and before Govenors, therefore we should speak in our meetings while we had a chance, as we did not know how long we would have it. As our lives was short compaired with the one here[a]fter, we should be laying up that which would make us rich when we went behind the vail, in regard to laying up grain it was an impartent [important] duty, the lord had called on the Sisters now to lay up grain, tradition sayd in Egypt they had bens [bins] where they took it out from the bottom, spoke about the fammine, the wheat we donated did not belong to us, but should be stored for the famine and we had no right to use it, sayd in one settlement every one was out gleaning sayd this used to be a desgrace blessed the sisters sayd this was the most punctual meeting she had attended sence she left the City, spoke about the primary how mutch it improved the children and about their fair in different places it improved the childrens time very mutch sayd she would liked to met with the children but did not have time advised the Sisters to be united and not let disunion creep in [n.p.] [. . .] Sister Elize [Eliza] R Snow showed to the children the wa[t]ch of the Prophet Joseph Smith [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Annabella Ward, Sevier South Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1973), vol. 1 (1878–1892), n.p., CHL (LR 10681 14).

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 9, no. 11 (1 Nov. 1880): 84.

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