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15 September 1882

Sanpete Stake Relief Society; Sanpete, Utah Territory

[. . .]

President E. R. Smith addressed the congregation upon the subject of home manufacture. Said we were praying for babylon to fall and where would we be if it should while we are bound in baby[l]onish apparel. We have too much of the spirit of the world and self aggrandizement. [p. 111] Dwelt upon the spirit of speculation and the chastizements that follow that spirit. Said God was going to have a people who are tried and true. Said we sing Zion is free, but how many homestead are bartered and given as bonds to gratify & encourage babylonish customs. We sell our homes and all to those who would cut our throats. Hoped the sisters would be alive to the getting of machinery before every thing is shut down.

[. . .] Sister Smith dwelt upon the duties of R. S. [Relief Society] Said they were in subjection to the priesthood. Spoke of the celestial law of marriage. Said it was the depravity of our nature which caused the trials. [. . .] [p. 112]

Source Note

Sanpete Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1879–1921), vol. 1 (1893–1905), pp. 111–112, CHL (LR 8046 14).

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