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23 August 1887

Morgan Stake Young Ladies; Morgan, Utah Territory

[. . .] their [there] was on the stand Sisters Freese [Mary A. Freeze] and Sister Snow Smith from Salt Lake City [. . .] [p. 52] [. . .]

Sister Snow Smith on rising said is a very Importent Position the young in Zion to day. I regret that in some placies [places] these some of our young sisters do not honor the places they now fill but are after the fashons of the world, and seem to make it the business of life hoped the young sisters realezied [realized] the importance of making the most of their time get all the knowlege they can said she had been call’d to a position which she thought it Imposible to fill when Joseph Smith was call’d to face the world he had a very limited education, but before he died was an educated man, the more we learn the more we shall be enabled to do we can take our choice, make ourselves useful, or waste away our time doing no good [. . .] [p. 53]

Source Note

Morgan Utah Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1879–1970), vol. 1 (1879–1906), pp. 52–53, CHL (LR 5777 17); Flora R. Rich, Secretary.

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