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28 June 1875

Gunnison Young Ladies; Gunnison Schoolhouse, Gunnison, Utah Territory

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Remarks by Sister Snow.

This is no trifling concern. President [Brigham] Young called on Mrs [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne, and I, and others, to organize the Young ladies. Those who have been first organized have made astonishing improvements. The object of this organization is for the young to improve themselves. There is many of our Young Ladies that is cultivated mentaly, this not sufficiant to bring them into noble womanhood; It is neces[s]ary that they should be cultivated Mentaly, Moraly, and intelectually. And it is necesary for our young ladies to develope those faculties with which they are endowed. [p. 6] We want our young ladies to improve in every thing that will exalt them. Little girls you have something to do, you have been babptized and now belong to the church. I think in the education of children that responsibities [responsibilities] await, when they are very young. I am glad to see so many young men are present; it is necessary that they should also cultivate themselves if the young ladies improve, the young men are bound to go ahead; for with us, men lead. If they say they will not associate with boys that drink liquor, smoke, or swear. If the young ladies here are in the habit of round dances, they had better leave them off. In Farmington the subject was discussed in the young ladies Meeting and passed a unanamous vote; that they would leave them off. Young ladies can benefit themselves in a society by improving. I organized a society of 84 young ladies in Lehi. I told the young girls to cultivate themselves to assist each other in every thing that belongs to education, and refinement. When will good girls get husbands if the young men do not advance in proportion with the girls. I hope there is not a young girl present who will deter <try> to deter the girls from keeping thier [their] oppertunity in Lehi; the young girls united and are now doing well, improving fast. When a young lady is requested to select a piece to read, dont go to the light literature of the day, but go to a good books; and if you dont know of any, go to your parents; and they will tell you, and insruct you. I will nominate Mrs Helene Madsen as President of the association. She was received by vote.

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I wish to explain the word retrench, some apply it to dress and food, but this come far short of our meaning. It means to cultivate every thing that is enobly to discuss every subject that will inlarge your understanding; to learn singing, and any of you that think of any thing that will pertain to improvement; health refinement and elevation. Little girls must have some thing to do, make your meeting interisting, and lively. I do not want to deprive them of theaters, or any good innocent amusements; we do not want them to be long faced, but get the spirit of God. And you will <be> happier than you ever were. Be puntcual in your me[e]tings. Mothers dont lay any thing <in> the way of your girls going to meeting, but try to lay out your hous[e]hold affairs so as that they can come to meeting.

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Source Note

Gunnison Ward, Gunnison Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association, vol. 1 (1875–1888), pp. 6–8, CHL (LR 3518 17); Sarah C. Capson, Secretary.

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