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9 November 1871

Salt Lake City Fifth Ward and Sixth Ward Relief Societies; Sixth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Two-story, brick building surrounded by women and men

Salt Lake City Sixth Ward meetinghouse and schoolhouse, circa 1880. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

Mrs. Eliza. R. Snow moved that the Report be accepted: [. . .]

Prest Rhoda A. Fullmer then invited Sister Snow to give us some instructions.

Mrs Eliza R. Snow arose and said: I feel that it is a privelege to meet with you on this occasion. I see from your report that you have not been idle.

Mankind in general posess but five senses, but we, as Saints, are in posession of six; and, because of this sense we can see things that the world know nothing of. We have received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and this gift is given according to our faithfulness, and if we live as we should, this gift will continue with us.

The sisters who stand aloof from this Society do not know what they are losing, for it is an easy matter to lose the spirit of the Lord.

It is the business of the Relief Societies to know every one under their care.

It is not the most needy that speak the loudest.

We are responsible for the means placed in our care, and it requires wisdom on the part of those who handle it.

Joseph Smith said that this would become the greatest of Societies.

Let us do right, and, by associating together, learn how to become noble women.

The Lord has introduced principles that will refine us, and the greatest of these is plurality of wives. Had not this principle been revealed to us, we would not have had so many noble sons and daughters among us.

As the Saints spread evil will decrease.

I have heard some say that the ladies of Utah were not as enlightened as the ladies of the world. This I will not admit. The women of the who uphold the principle of plurality are doing a good work. [p. 96]

Spoke on the subjects of training our children and co-operation. Said: Plurality is co-operation. We have also co-operative mercantile establishments. The sisters can do more toward sustaining them than the men. We call it co-operation; the Lord would call it the Order of Enoch.

Let us use all our influence for the interests of the Kingdom of God. The Apostle said “Let us put on the whole armor of Righteousness.[”]

We may be severely tried, but let us put our trust in God. I feel that I want to live and battle with darkness. The Saints should never fear. All that we have to fear is that we lose the spirit of the Lord. There is so much vanity among us that I am ashamed.

Look after the strangers who come into our midst and teach them good principles. The adversary has a trap in our midst. It is these auc[t]ion rooms. If you will go there, every dime made will turn to bitterness in the end. I feel that there is a good spirit here.

Gave some instructions in regard to making Temple Clothing.

My prayer is that we may be saved in the Kingdom of God. I ask the Lord to bless you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Mrs Zina D. [H.] Young arose and said I am happy to meet with you. If we had never heard any more than we have here to-day, it would be almost enough to save us. [. . .] [p. 97]

Source Note

Sixth Ward, Pioneer Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1922), vol. 1 (1867–1883), pp. 95–97, CHL (LR 8337 14); Catharine M. Anderson, Secretary.

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