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10 December 1878

Salt Lake City Eighteenth Ward Relief Society; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Prest E R Snow presiding

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Prest Snow then said: I feel pleased to see so many of my Sisters present, what a strong band we would be if we were united to assist in the great work in which we are engaged. Our brethr[e]n are stirring up, they are realizing the necessity of having the dead branches cut off, we will be rewarded according to our works, tis true we may be humble and prayerfull and we may find plenty to do to stay at home but will that be sufficient, it seems to me it is very necessary for us to meet together. The oftener I meet with my sisters the more I love them, it is a great thing to be a Latterday Saint, it is worth everything we can do., I had a quickening spirit come over me when we bowed in prayer, and I sensed the critiqi◊◊◊ [critiquing?] Spirit of God, I find it is necessary for me to watch myself closely, how happifying it is to feel that God is looking down upon us with approbation. A Latterday Saint has a right to be cheerfull, can we fe[e]l cheerfull when the dear ones are taken away from us? [p. 39] Yes, the Spirit of God can cheer is <us> there, and we can live in the hope of beholding them again, if faithfull, there is but one trial for the Latterday Saints, that they can have no hope and not be comforted, that is when their friends apostatize. The Light of the Gospel teaches us, that the little ones loose [lose] nothing by being taken away.

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Source Note

Eighteenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1877–1941), vol. 1 (1877–1892), pp. 37–40, CHL (LR 2523 14); Mary Schettler, Secretary.

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