17 April 1875

Salt Lake City Thirteenth Ward Young Ladies; Charles J. Thomas Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Those who had been appointed for selected readings were called: [. . .] Miss Ellie Felt, a revelation given to Emma Smith. Miss Kate [Catherine A.] Wells, one of Miss E. R. Snow’s poems. [. . .] [p. 19]

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Miss E. R. Snow, had been traveling among the daughters <and sons> of Zion, was at one Meeting where they were situated as those <are> before her tonight, just beginning in the work; she had finished their organization, telling them they had taken the first step, were like little children, learning their Alphabet, there must be a beginning to all things, and we work from that, Now it will be left with you to attain whatever position you wish. Go onward and prepare to officiate in Holy places.

Live faithful and you will have the spirit of God with you at all times. and you will increase in wisdom and faith; the faith of the daughters of Zion will heal the Sick, and if these who are now before me will step forward and complete their education in Christ, we shall have prophetesses among them and great and mighty works will be done; they had not thought of this; but the Spirit of God will be over them, and angels watch round them.

She then told of the Temple in Kirtland where they prayed for the Spirit of God as in the day of Pentacost, and it was heard as a mighty rushing wind, she also, mentioned other cases where the power of God had been made plain to all; it is the privilege of each of the young ladies present to have the power of God with them to this extent; these gifts are just as much for the young now as previous and this meeting of the young together is of the greatest importance, for the purifying and polishing of the daughters’ of Zion depend on them.

She referred to the subject of Retrenchment that it was to retrench from the <our> follies, rough language, and everything that will displease the Spirit of God. Said that these Retrenchment Associations, had, had great influence over the minds of the people. The Lord through Pres. [p. 20] [Brigham] Young had called upon the sisters to sustain home manufacture. it can be done only by unity, each one doing the little they can. She wished to see the day when she could have trimming on her hat that was made in Zion. Said the young sisters could do more by sustaining, this work in Zion, than the Elders can do by going abroad and preaching the Gospel. We calculate to have this home-made work, handsome, not crude; and then you can make people ashamed to wear anything but home-made.

Speaking of the wool business in this, ward, said it would be a great credit to the society if they would go forward with it.

Mrs. [Rachel R.] Grant, said that she had found a room where the girls could meet and begin their wool-work, as soon as the materials could be got together [. . .]

Counciler Miss Shippe [Flora Shipp] proposed that they call a vote to see how many would encourage the getting of homemade hats. Vote called which was unanimous all feeling to encourage it.

Mrs. M. [Margaret] P. Young Spoke for a short time telling the girls that if they would carry out the vote, they would make others ashamed of themselves, and by this united power we can stay here and the gentiles can have no power over us. It looks to me that the people are going ahead with home manufacture, and may our hands be helped along by the Spirit of God; and may we feel that spirit within us that we will need no assistance from those who are not one with us.

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Source Note

Thirteenth Ward, Ensign Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875), pp. 19–21, CHL (LR 6133 17); Louise A. Ashby, Secretary.

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