12 September 1878

Willard Young Ladies; Willard, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister Eliza R. Snow felt thankful to meet with the sisters of Willard. the education of the young is something with me which is of much importance, early in this church the young had great gifts and testimonies of the truth of this work but what do we see now there is many of our young folks growing up without a knowledge or not trying to be saints you do not see so much of this as we do in S. L. City but the powers of darkness never sleeps.

when we first commenced organized <organizing>, some of the organisations broke up but it made know [no] difference we kept on organizing and after a short time. President [Brigham] Young Saw fit to organisen nominate Junious [Junius] F. Wells as a traveling missionary to organize the young men throughout the territory many of our young men go abroad to preach the gospel before they know it to be true. I have heard you sisters have been working together financially it speaks well for you but we want you to cultivate good spirits Now if the congregation be agre[e]able we will organize the association for the children. It was moved and secondid that Sis Jane Owens Preside. also that Sis Ellen Ward and Pres. S. [Susannah] E. Facer act as first and second counsilors [. . .] She also appointed to [two] members to visit the houses get the names of the children have them meet and get them interested and draw their attention and get the influence of all.

Sis Harriet Snow felt to bear testimony to what sister E. R Snow had Said [. . .] Bro [George W.] Ward felt to bear testimony to the truth of what Sister E. R Snow had Said concerning the organizations of the young young and that he had often wandered [wondered] what he could do to get the attention of the children [. . .] [p. 18]

Source Note

North Willow Creek Ward, Box Elder Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875–1973), vol. 2 (1877–1897), p. 18, CHL (LR 10189 17); Annie Prewerton, Secretary.

See also “Returned,” Deseret News 27, no. 33 (18 Sept. 1878): 521.

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