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22 August 1873

Payson Relief Society; Payson, Utah Territory

Minutes of A Meeting held in Payson by Miss E. R. Snow August 22nd 1873

[. . .] President Mrs B. [Betsey] J. Simons read a welcome to Sister Snow after which Sister Snow was introduced who Proceeded to address the Meeting.

She said She had been on A long Journey and was glad to be Here again among Her Sisters while gone She had visited many Churches profunedly [profoundly] Religious but none who held the Oracles of God She had visited the [p. 200] Palaces of the Rich and the Dens of the poor. She had been in Countries where women were Slaves. Had Travelled 12000 miles by water and 13000 miles by land She had found Palestine an accursed land. She had visited the Holy Sepulcher where the Local Government had to keep a constant guard to keep the Christians from fighting. not very complimentary to the Christians

All these Sisters if they honor their calling have the Privilege of becoming Priestesses and Queens to God and to their Husbands. The welfare of Zion depends upon the Women of this Church upon their faith and faithfullness. The Relief Societys are for the Salvation of Souls, as well as for the Relief of the Poor Our Husbands are at the head and always will be no matter how fast wee progress or how faithful wee are. The destroyer of Souls is in our midst and wee as well as our Children is in danger

Attending to the Ordinances does not make Saints of us wee must do the dutys of Saints wee must be whole Souled in the work

All of you Sisters should be Members of the Relief Societys for your own good and benefit that you might be benefitted and learn your duty As A Wife and Mother The Relief Society was established by Revelation and is of God as [p. 201] much as any other organisation in this Church The Saints need warming up There does not seem to be any danger of their being too enthusiastic. We are too Selfish in our feelings we should get rid of that feeling and love one another If the Sisters were united they could heal one another and their Children when sick instead of having to call on the Elders

every Sister in Payson should attend the Meeting of this Society when within the bonds of possibilities. Have you Sisters received the comforter? is it your constant Companion? You should not go to rest without it. Your Children should have the comforterer and unless they do have it they cannot understand you when you talk to them about the folly and fashons of this World?

If they can have that comforter you will have no more trouble with them? Related how Organisations had been effected among the young ladies in Salt Lake City and other Places Girls in this Organisation are in no danger from Outside influences. The idea of our Boys being sent on Missions to find that the Gospel is true is Ridiculous. something is wrong or this would not be. They should learn this at Home [p. 202] in the early rise of this Church The Children thought as much of Religious exercises as the adults did and were as abundantly blessed

President [Brigham] Young wishes the Sisters to get A number of girls to learn Type setting and A number of the Sisters to learn medicine. We should [not?] patronise Gentil[e] Doctors shame on the Sisters that do so if there are any Sisters here in Payson who would like to Join A Class of that kind she hoped they would present themselves Woman should nurse Woman[.] woman sphere is very extensive and is increasing more and more every year She felt that She wanted to be Laboring for zion all the time. that She wanted to call on the Sisters to wake up. Our Home Dutys are first in importance and should never be neglected. God and the Holy Angels are pleased with us when they see us beautify our Homes and making them pleasant for Our Husbands and Children. Sisters remember that the Noblest minds are the most condescending and never allow yourself to be put about by an unkind remark of another

spoke of the importance of A Teachers Duty in this Asociation Those who toil for the things of God are sure of their reward Those who Labor for themselves and for the things of this World are Laboring for that which is perishing and passing away felt to bless her Sister in Payson Said whiles in Palestine on Mt Olivet [p. 203] She and the Elders dressed in the Order of the Priesthood offered Prayer that Land was Dedicated for the gathering of the Jews

Choir Sung A Hymn

I. [Isaiah] M. Coombs read A welcome to Sister Snow written by Himself

[. . .]

Sister Snow said in the future the Relief Society will be expected to contribute for the support of those Students in Medicine instead of the gathering of the Poor

[. . .] [p. 204]

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Payson Ward, Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1897), vol. 1 (1868–1877), pp. 200–204, CHL (LR 6814 14).

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