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12 September 1878

Willard Relief Society; Willard, Utah Territory

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Sister Eliza R. Snow was pleased to meet with the brethren and sisters the has been with us that it would seem strange for a woman to occupy the stand and Elders sitting by in silence but we have our duties to perform as well as our brethren God [h]as given us our homes in the mountains but he is not going to sustain us if we sit down in indifference and do not try for our selves. the organization of the Relief Society is one of great importance in the life of Joseph Smith every virtious [virtuous] woman was a member, how necessary it is to be up and doing in this short life what a life it acquires to live so we will be in the presence of those in the courts on high, I sometimes am afraid that some of us will wake and find a great disappointment, some thought it was not necessary to meet together often. now we each one of us want to be counted among the faithful exhorted the sisters to home industry to making there own hats, exhorted the young to dillengence and to be prayerful and liv[e] humble lives before the Lord wished the sisters to be interested in raising Silk so that we might be enabled to make our own clothing do we know that this nation is to be broke and it is put upon the sisters to make our own clothing wished the sisters here to start to plant some Mulberry trees for it has been ascertained that silk is cheaper than woolen or cotton we know that a famine is coming for we have been forewarned by the Lord and we have a mission put upon us to store up grain thought we had worked admirable in all these duties there is laid upon us it seems as though [p. 64] we have not got time to tend to them all, but if we will lay aside all nonsence we will be enable to live faithful to them all spoke of the necessary of Plural Marriage. exhorted the sisters to devote ourselves, might and mind and strength in doing the will of the Lord it is so necessary to have the spirit of the Lord in our bosoms all the day long if we come together prayerful and humble the Lord will pour out his spirit upon us and we will go home refreshed and feel happy and make our homes happy and by and by if we will prove faithfull in this world we will step out while we will gain eternal life prayed that this would be our happy lot

[. . .]

Bishop [George W.] Ward arose and made some remarks wished the sisters to treasure up the instructions they had heard. [. . .] [p. 65]

Source Note

North Willow Creek Ward, Box Elder Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 3 (1876–1886), pp. 64–65, CHL (LR 10189 14); Elizabeth J. Cook, Secretary.

See also “Returned,” Deseret News 27, no. 33 (18 Sept. 1878): 521.

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