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31 May 1883

North Willow Creek Relief Society; Willow Creek, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sister [Mary Ann] Hubbard was glad to meet with so many of her Sisters also to see Sister E, R, Snow Smith and sister Hariet [Harriet A.] Snow the President of this Branch.

Sister E. R. Snow Smith was pleased to meet with the sisters of Willard said it was not by Chance that we were placed here on Earth the Prophet Joseph [Smith] said the Relief Societies should become Glorious that God had placed woman above every thing else on the earth spoke of the good results of Poligamy of the Confidence between Husband and wife said we were held in reserve to fill the Positions we hold. Spoke of the R S [Relief Society], in Joseph’s day advised the sisters to unite themselves with the Relief Society, and help to carry on the work of God hoped we had trials if we had none how could we prove our Integrity if we have no trials spoke of the trials Jobe [Job] had, we should never alow an evil thought enter our hearts should bless our Sisters [p. 192] when we meet We should go to God with all our troubles and trust in him he knows all.

Said she had set out for the highest Glory and if she fail it is her own fault. knew she must sacrafice all earthly things Thought Plurality was the best thing to purify a woman’s heart. told us how to strengthen our Sisters and cheer them If we always have the spirit of God with us we can impart it to others Said all the good deeds all kind words we have spoken were all Recorded Spoke of Order and Punctuality, those who attend their meetings were the most cheerfull in their household Spoke to the young girls, they should learn to be good Cooks and Housekeepers, spoke of the Primary. Said they have Singing and Prayer and Sacrement every Sunday. Prayed God to help us, to attain to a fullness of his Glory.

Sister Hariet Snow was pleased to hear Sister Eliza speak to us. [. . .]

Singing Oh, my Father

[. . .] [p. 193]

Source Note

North Willow Creek Ward, Box Elder Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 3 (1876–1886), pp. 192–193, CHL (LR 10189 14); Bithiah F. Wells, Secretary.

See also E. R. Snow Smith, “An Interesting Trip: The Lamanites Improving, Relief Society News—Silk Industry,” Woman’s Exponent 12, no. 3 (1 July 1883): 17.

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