16 September 1875

Weber County Relief Societies; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

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Sister J. [Jane] S. Richards [. . .] We <hav[e]> Sister Snow and Sister [Mary Isabella] Horne with us tod[a]y

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Sister E. R. Snow. I am always pleased to see the faces of my Sisters when they shine with the spirit of God what is so rich as an undivided heart The riches of mind and of thought are more to man than all the riches of the world I would not exchange mine for all the riches of earth we who have these have an inestimable treasure. how stupid we have been money has gone for trifles. All have to be clothed but I believe the testimony of the young would be that they feel just as happy in a plain dress. I have entered into the New Order Pres- [Brigham] Young has started No 1. there are a great many rules nothing new or mor[e] obligations than I hav always felt I hope in stepping into this to live up to my religion duties no sacrifice of property is more than I expected when I went into the waters of baptism The sisters are called upon to unite in home manufacture. One thing we want to start the manufacture of silk [p. 199] we want to know who is raising mulbury trees and who has raised cocoons We want the Sisters to take hold of this in every settlement every family can raise a few trees and a few cocoons We are having machinery brought here & hope to soon have home manufactured ribbon many must see the dollar but tis not money I am seeking for but the interest of Zion Joseph Smith said the tim[e] would come when there would be no safety but in Zion and the finest manufactured goods would be made in Zion We are trying to get the hearts of the people warmed not leaving the first principles but going on not leaving the straw work in doing this we are doing as much as Elders on missions in order to succeed we must have the Spirit of God in our hearts. We must encourage each other and be humble when we work for God we need fear no failure he will reward each one my young sisters you have commenced well dont let your heart work flag by your testimonys Stir each other up to diligence We have dwelt with God we consented to have our reccollection taken from us and come here to work out our Eternal Salvation I asked President Young what word he had to send to the sisters he said tell them to live their religion that comprehends every thing calls in every energy and to be alive to the building up of Zion Shall we sleep and forget our calling I am thankful many are waking up and seeking the Spirit of God and preparing to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection you that have been through the house do you reallise the privileges you have My sisters tis your privilege to administer to the Sick God is the great Physician we should remember to think we have the privilege of doing a work for the dead that they may be able to come forth Mothers to receive their little ones to their bosoms The Gentiles have no legal right to expect this for have not the legal right & will not obtain Celestial glory. For mothers [p. 200] in Israel there is a great deal to comfort them. I hope Mothers will not let their interest flag in regard to their daughters attending these meeting Pres Young has given Julius [Junius B.] Wells a mission to organise all the young men in Zion has gone South organised them in the 12th & 13th [Salt Lake City] Wards he felt as we do but he is determined to fill that mission if he has to take the same one for Pres- & Councillor God will bless & crown those that continue faithful. Sisters don’t let us spend to much tim[e] after the world let us rather have the bread of Eternal life let us live as Saints should live and not work in vain but work for God. I was appointed one of a Committee Sister Horne another to collect means to get machinery for the manufacture of of silk it gave us an opportunity to see the spirit of the people as a general thing those that gave were not those that were flush with this world[’]s goods but those that were meek in Spirit we found in going <round> those <that> were monied men were after money they would inqu[i]re is there money in it? they have a selfish desire to amass the wealth of this world no interest in the building up of Zion go to those whose hearts were warmed up by the Spirit of God we got by .25 cents 50 cents & 10 cents some relief societies gave 5 dollars we got as high a[s] 25 dollars we calculate it shall be started by the help of God we talk of having it in shares & giving every one a chance make the shares 5 dollars our object is to get the business started so that every poor person can get a market for their cocoons I have no interest only for the interest of Zion God bless you I say God bless us and keep us that we may be numbered among the faithful When the Lord comes which won[’]t be long Won[’]t that be glorious to dwell a thousand years[,] years with him when the glory of God shall rest upon Zion as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night this is sure to come we must be on one side or the othe[r] the line is being drawn each one draws the line themselve[s] this United Order is helping to do it [p. 201]

President Young says we have got to dress plain I felt so when I came into this church I feel so to-day I want to live so as to enjoy the Society of the faithful when death and hell are cast into the fire. Let each one choose for themselves and say let me & my house serve the Lord if we are determined to do it God will help us I pray that each one may be so guided that when the sound cometh go forth to meet the bridegroom we shall be prepared to go forth and enter into the Supper of the Lamb.

Sisters Richards made some excellent remarks. Many of the Sisters donated for the purpose of buying machinery for the manufactury of silk it was paid to Sister Snow.

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Benediction by Sister

Eliza R. Snow [p. 202]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 1 (1867–1875), pp. 196–202, CHL (LR 9970 14); Amelia M. Frodsham, Secretary.

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