6 December 1873

Retrenchment Association; Fourteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White building with wood trim, Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward meetinghouse, circa 1890

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward meetinghouse, circa 1890. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .]

Pres. Mrs M. I. [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne

I feel that the Spirit of God is being poured out upon us, and I would like to hear those of my sisters who have not spoken, for it is by our hearts the Lord judges us, and if we on[l]y say a few words, they will be acceptable, when moved by His Spirit. [. . .]

Coun. Miss E. R. Snow

Also wished the sisters to speak. Said the Spirit of the Lord is here and I will prophecy that if the sisters will move forward as the Spirit of God dictates we shall have a joyful time.

Sister Gottard [Elizabeth H. Goddard] said,

I have shrank from speaking yet know it is my duty to do so. It seems to me that we ought to be up and doing for the time is very short. [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Minutes of the Senior and Junior Co-operative Retrenchment Association (1870–1880), n.p., CHL (CR 100 904).