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11 February 1879

Mound Fort Relief Society; Ogden, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sister [Susan M.] Moore then rose and said the Object of our meeting to day Is to recive [receive] Councle [counsel] from Sister Snow and others. [. . .]

Sister Snow then rose and said Sisters, I rise befor you but I cannot say any thing that will do you good unless I am guided by the Spirit of God. I was hear at the Orginizing of this Society and I have allways falt [felt] an Intrest In It.

The Breathren have just as much Intrest In these Societys as the Sisters. I do not want to do any thing with out I have the sanction of the Breathren.

It gives me stringth to have the Breathren present It is only truth and relig[i]ous princabls [principles] that we teach [p. 176]

We have been Baptized from the world. what did we care when we were beared In the water A bout [about] the foll[i]es of the world. It will take us all our lives to gain an Exaltation In the kingdim of God. Spoke some to the young Incouringng [encouraging] them to live for the blessing s [blessings] of the Gosple.

Spoke of the Minuits which had been read said the sisters Expressed A desire to faithful. to be faithful my Sisters their as somthing got to be done. We shall not loose [lose] our reward for the work we do for the kingdom of God We want to reflect on these things.

I presume the Sisters have done some of these things.

I supose you have laid up some grain spok of the fammen that Is sure to Come because God [h]as said It would.

We are recomanding [recommending] the Sisters to plant Beans. We dont Expect the sisters to plant them themsalvs but as Soloman bult the Temple he was the means of geting It done.

not that It is hard work I have don as hard work as planting A fue [few] beans.

thay say thay will keep an Hundred years and I dont think It will be that long befor thay will be neaded.

Supose the famen should should come hear long do you supose the grain that [h]as allreidy been stor[e]d up would last. It might last Weaber County one week be our to that for the houl [whole] Comunaty [community].

It is for each Sister to put her thinking facultys to work That is what we meet for to bring all our good thoughts to gather [together]. We have got to save oursalvs by dewing our dutey [p. 177]

The Lord [h]as hold as [us] what he Expects of us and It is for us to prepor [prepare] oursalvs.

how should I look when I am Called befer [before] my macker [maker] which at the most will not be long, when asked what I had done If I said nothing. Why I would be cast out.

Shall we think of these things, when we Come to A death head.

I think I like the Good things of this life Just as well as the rest of my Sisters.

but then I know that Is not my mishen [mission] God Called us to this life to bild up the Kingdom

Their is a nether [another] thing we should paternize [patronize] and that Is home Industary I hurd Joseph Smith say that the p[e]ople of the world would Come up to Zien [Zion] to purchis the finest fabricks.

I have no other Intrest at hear[t?] but to build up the kingdom of God

My hat is home made bought at the Ogden Relief Society Store.

We should paternize that store.

The werk of God is to be bilt and the werk of salition [salvation?] Is to be throned [thrown] down Can we do It w[h]ile we are paternizing after Bablonish fshons [fashions]

Their are A nought [enough] hear In this Society to be A great healp to your Bishop.

Spok some to the young ladys said thay could do A great deal to-wards refining Society

dont go to partys with young men whose breath smells of wiskey and toback [tobacco]. Ask the young gentilmen when thay Come to see you If thay have got A home made hat on and If their shoes are home made

when thay see you take an Intrest In such things thay will. that Is If thay thave [have] the prinsabls of mormonsm [p. 178] In their hearts.

dont speak Evle [Evil] of each other If we are dowing [doing] our dutey we have no time to speak evle of one Another If I am trying to degrade you I am degrading mysalf at the same time let us try and do what ever God requars [requires] of us. Amen.

Sister [Jane S.] Richards then said

I though[t] when sister Snow was talking which of us would not give up ever thing of this worlds goods for the things of God

I was thinking who car[e]s what their dress Is so that It is neat and Clean [. . .]

Sister [Harriet C.?] Brown then said

I have been very much paid for comming to your meeting I think We rec[e]ive our pay as we go A long for the good we do I thought when Sister Snow was talking If I should be called befer my macker what could I say I had done [. . .] [p. 179] [. . .]

Sister Snow then rose and said she would like all those presant that had on home made hats to stand to ther feet

quit[e] A number rose to their feet

Now I am on my feet I will relate an Incident that come before my notice

A Sister that I well new relized that she was going to die she went to A place w[h]ere thay were meaing [measuring] Carectors [characters] She saw the Scails that were meaing the bad and the good and finly [finally] thay Came to her and ask her what she had done and she had don nothing neather good nor bad. she had permishon to Come back to see what she would do, she Is A live and well now and Is trying to do somthing.

We must do somthing or we will be found wanting In the Coils.

[. . .] [p. 180] [. . .]

Brother William Barker then said I can say that I have Injoyed my salf In this meeting I hope that we may live as Sister Snow as been saying that we may live to do somthing [. . .] [p. 181]

Source Note

Mound Fort Ward, Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1874–1908), vol. 1 (1874–1884), pp. 176–181, CHL (LR 11968 14); Annie D. Taylor, Secretary.

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 19 (1 Mar. 1879): 203.

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