30 October 1873

Weber County Relief Societies; Ogden Tabernacle, Ogden, Utah Territory

A long, rectangular building with triangle roof, a single chimney, and three arched, front-facing windows.

Original Ogden Stake Tabernacle. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

[. . .] Presant from Salt Lake City Sister Elisa R. Snow. [. . .]

Sister E. R. Snow. My Sisters I feel illy qualified to edify such a congregation of inteligent Sisters those that have received the Holy Ghost and can only be instructed by the Spirit of The Lord that that Jesus promised to his Disciples which is the Holy Ghost which surpasseth the wisdom of men every person young or old that recives the Gospel of Jesus Christ receives the Holy Ghost those that cherish this in their bosoms has a comforter within [p. 66] I want your faith and prayers that us that speak may have Spirit that edifiys speaker and hearer. I suppose that this is a representation of the Relief Society in this place. I hope every one young or old belongs It is an organisation that has high honors and duties. The Relief Society is designed to bind into a kind loving sisterhood the Mother and daughter to combine instruct elevate refine untill they perta[i]n to perfect women. It is by assosiating together that we are to learn the common duties as well as the higher ones. We read in the New Testament of Holy Women it is expected that Women in this day assist in the work and assist each other in advancing towards the Celestial Kingdom I regret all do[ ]not take hold of this or[g]anisation if all the Sisters would take hold what a strong cord it would be it is by union the powers of darkness are to be overcome, we know it cannot be done singly so well as by being united. our religon comprises all truth in order for women in Zion to obtain that which is necessary to constitute a woman of God. [p. 67] It is necessary to avail ourselves of every privilege to lay up knowledge so as to assist our brethren we have no moments to lose. It requires great wisdom to know how to accomplish the greatest amount of good it is necessary we should associate together and assist each other in preparing for more respo[n]sible duties I feel I require wisdom to know what to do that would accomplish the most good greatest amount of good I thought the Sisters in Ogden are workers striving to do good and I might do a little good by my instruction I want every day to accomplish some good I want to associate with the Sisters I find it does me good I feel the necessity of association I have thought a lone person could not be a Saint. I See Sisters that have so much to do they <have> no time for meetings no time for visiting the sick must do all the work my mind must change to come to this conclusion. I reallise more comfort when I administer to the sick. Home it is true requires our first duty but I find those that are pu[n]ctual to their meetings and visiting the sick [p. 68] I am not encouraging the Sisters to neglect home I want our Sisters to learn to be good financiers I consider that education is one very important thing and does not receive the encouragement it should I fancy some times that our brethern think more of improving their stock than educating their children I think sometimes if the Sisters would not take better hold of this if peace were in it. I am glad they are taken [taking] steps in Ogden to educate their children. The Mothers should teach their children that they are for usefulness they should be taught to understand and to know they had more to do in this generation than their mother They should learn to have little responsisbilities not wait till they are married then have them in a bundle it is better to grow into it I am an advocate for book learning I think there is a wrong idea Children want every position of their education for usefulness I think it is well for children to read something that will strengthen their minds. I am not an advocate for children to go to school very young unless as it is in England where learning and work [p. 69] are combined. I have regretted very much that the study of Physiology is kept out of <our> Schools when scholars can comprehend they should study Physiology. The Wisdom of God requires us to go to bed early rise early this is often broken especially for children it is better. night is better adapted for sleep Some of our people will sit up late use artificial light I do not wonder at our young; if they understood Physiology they would take better care of themselves I hope my young Sisters <you> will try to preserve your health study your own organisation you will know how to take care of yourselves and to know why you are born into this generation you are born to be useful. to accomplish good in Zion Those that do the most good will be rewarded. Is it not better to have your name handed down in honorable remembrance. you want to read good books. I heard of a man who treasured up some good saying every day dont spend your time in reading novels By treasuring up good you can do good we want you to do something that is useful My Mother [Rosetta P. Snow] said she did not know [p. 70] what was before her girls and she wanted to have them learn all kinds of work I have felt that Mother was inspired by the Spirit of God when in Nauvoo and when sick I could find the good of her teaching. I hope there will be one or more than one young Lady here that will Study for an M. D. I had one young Lady from the South present herself it was for a selfish motive she had not enough of the Spirit of God to attend Conference. I want my Sisters to go among the Sick and administer. Why have doctors? All have not faith we want women to admirister [administer] to the sick with faith It is not the calling of a few it is the calling of all good Sisters to administer to the Sick if the Sisters could only realise it I was called to a Sister that was given up to die Sister [Bathsheba W.] Smith and I administered to her She was round the house in a few days. This is our privilege that we may be useful is my prayer Amen. [p. 71]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 2 (1873), pp. 66–71, CHL (LR 9970 14).

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