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18 December 1874

Marriottsville and Lynne Relief Societies; Marriottsville [Marriott-Slaterville], Utah Territory

Minutes of a special meeting of the Relief Society of Lynn[e] and Marriets [Marriottsville] to meet Sister Eliza R Snow [. . .]

The Pre[s]ident [Ann Bickington] said we will now here from Sister Eliza R Snow. Sister Snow said their is nothing that can edefy a Saint but what is derected [directed] by the Spirit of God I was pleased with the minutes of the Relief Society that were read to day but I should have been better pleased if the Minutes of the young ladies Meeting had been read by one of the young ladies as Sec[r]etary we should bring the young ladies forward and instruct them to be Sec[r]etarys we should always keep order in our meetings and Conduct on Partimentary [parliamentary] principles in the begin[n]ing before the woman where equal with man but now it is different one code of laws for man and another for the women but the Gospel is Calculated to bring them back to that posit[i]on in a more Exalled [exalted] Sphere man and women were cursed after the fall and how shall we recover from this curse these Relief Societys where instituted to assist in removing the curse and we must live up to every prinsipal [principle] of the Gospel our sisters have improved very much sence [since] the Relief Society where Organised we profes[s] to be Saints but how can we be saints when we are filled with greediness and the Spirit of Babyton [Babylon] how indifferent we are to the princaple [principle] of Salvation woman and Mothers have domestic duties to perform and you would think we had no other duties to perform we have life and Salvation the President

offered to us of you will receive some will say what is the use of me joining the [p. 10] Relief Society I have nothing to give. you are the ones to join and enjoy the priviliges to be received there from we need to cultivate our spirits and intel[l]ectual faculties God has endowed us with faculties but we must Cultivate them with all our might.

to be prepared to meet with the holy ones in the courts on high this reminds me of Oliver Cowd[e]ry he wished to obtain revelations without any trouble on his part but we should cultivate all our faculties of mind and bodies she related an anecdote of a saint acting as Indian interp[r]eter by the Spirit of the Lord I want the sisters to believie that they can meet with advantage oft[e]ner than once a month and they will feel better and have more influence with their Brothern when we have anough union among us the destroyer will have no power. These young ladies have great, influence do they use it for good. are they ob[e]dient to their Parrents how is it with these sisters are they kind to each other are they blind to each other faults

do not retaliate but comfort and encourage one another when the young Sistters feel bad do not say any thing controll your tounge [tongue] and do not sin with your lips God has given us a test by which we can judge by what Spirit we are dictated—Joseph Smith said we were saved so far as we gained the Victory I never feel so well as when I can over come evil besetments we can all acomplish what God requires at our hands Jesus Christ said to his desciples be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect I spoke to you about visiting queen Victoria and she is the greatest Soverign on the Earth but we shall go in to the presence of a greater personage so we must be prepared for it by evry improvement both in man[n]ers and language and be prepared to meet with Angels and the Saviour face to face. I should be pleased if these young Ladies could meet as often as once a week I believe if the young Ladies here should bear their testimonies they would say that they are the happiest in their meetings than any where else [p. 11]

Mothers take care of your Daughters for there is the destroyer of female virtue abroad Now I want to warn you against one kind of sympathy that is finding fault with her Husband tell a sister when she feels bad to ask the Lord to give her grace to bear and perhaps you will save her and not sympathize with her weaknesses but issist [assist] her to gain the victory but let us be faithfull and wide awake for Satan is on the alert to lead us astray seek the bread of eaternal life and the Riches which we can take beyond the vail may this be our happy lot is my prayer in the name of Jesus Amen

The President then called upon sister [Lucy A.] Clark from Farmington she said she depended [on] faith and prayer of the sisters she said the instructions Sister Snow had given had done her good [. . .] I feel to bless Sister [Jane S.] Richards and Sister Snow and the President of this Society and may heavens choicest blessings be with all the Saints

the President then Called on Sister Jane Richard she said [. . .] let us listen to the council of Sister Eliza Snow and try to be as much like her as we can, I feel to find fault with myself all the time because I have not done better let us all listen to the Instructions of Sister Snow and do the best we can Amen [p. 12]

Sister [Sarah L.] Herrick said I desire an intrest in yours prayers we have had the best of instructions from Sister Snow if we will live up to them it is a great task for the sisters to arise and and bear their testimonies but we must make a begining [. . .]

Sister Snow said I wish to make one sugestion to the young Sisters that you in future in the in the Winter Season have one Society in Lynn and one in Marriottsville we cannot get up in these meeting with our hearts filled with the pride of the world and lift our hearts to our father in Heaven for his blessings I sugest that a wise women should be Chosen to preside over the young Ladies in Lynn

[. . .]

Brother Daniel Thomas said [. . .] I feel to bless Eliza Snow and Sister Richards Amen

Brother Franklin D. Richards said [. . .] [p. 13] I feel to bless Eliza Snow and all she chooses to bring with her [. . .] [p. 14]

Source Note

Marriott Ward, Farr West Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1869–1973), vol. 2 (1874–1886), pp. 10–14, CHL (LR 5304 14); Marinda Tracy, Recorder.

See also Ann Bickington and Catherine Parry, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 3, no. 17 (1 Feb. 1875): 130.

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