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27 March 1875

Salt Lake City Sixteenth Ward Relief Society; Sixteenth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Sister E. Snow said she had a subject she would like to speak upoun but would like to hear the Sisters first. [. . .] [pp. 353–354]

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Sister Snow said she realized this afternoon we can through the blessings of God bless each other. each one that spoke had edified her. for they had spoke by the spirit of God. she rejoiced with them in being gathered to Zion. for we were blessed in this kingdom, in having a knowledge of the truth of this work. the world hoped they had the truth but we know by the spirit we have the truth. the Lord is now calling on his handmaids to assist in rolling forth this great work we say we love to do good in Zion and be freed from bondage. now reflest [reflect] where of life we enjoy come from the cloth for our clothing is it made by pure hands: no. it is made in the midst of corruption and by our enimies what would be our condition if Babylin was to fall. we should be destitute of many things we need. and it would be well not to pray to[o] hard for it to fall. the Lord is now calling on us to assist in getting out of this dilemma. and to say we will do the will of the Lord. and let us go to work and mak[e] our own necessary comfuts [comforts] of life. President [Brigham] Young has great faith in the Sisters. and this Society and this is a special mission for them to engage in home industries. it will require the united efforts of all the handmaidens of the Lord. she could see lately that many had woke up. it had been those [p. 355] who frequently met togather [together] that had assisted the poor. and assisted in building the Temple. and let us who know the Gospel to be true be united as one until Zion is free. the Sisters can do as much as the brethren. if we knew who purchased most of the foreign goods I think we should find it to be the Sisters. Joseph [Smith] once said they would come from afar to us to buy the finest fabricks. are we prepared, is our Store house full for the nations who are coming to satisfy their wants, if we will go to with our might and labor with our hands and call on the Lord we can do it. and use our influence to burst the chains of bondage, not one ward the call is to all. we have commenced in the 13th ward to make straw hats and sell them as low as imported ones. but how can we meet this emergency. could not some give a little labor she had faith it would be a success. we had to work so cheap until we could sell as cheap as the merchants some were not willing to purchase if it cost a few dimes more for an article. the devil looks for wealth, but the Lord estimates a people for what they are worth and let us testify to the world that we have an interest in the work of Zion some of the millinery establishments were looking on us very suspiciously already they are looking after the dollars and cents. and it will require all the united efforts of Zion to acomplish what we desire the 14th ward is giving to devote their house to a tailor establishment and it would be well for every ward to start with that which promises most to be a sucess. we have been the most foolish people on earth and we had better dispense with our finery and ribbons until we have freed ourselves from slavery God wants a peculiar people, and not for us to be grasping at eve[r]y fashion. she had hoped to see many of the young to have asked them if they prepered [prepared] to have their hats made here or in the midst of corruption. the releif Society helps the poor and there is many that would like to do some kind of light work to help themselves and in this way what they did could be turned in to help these establishments. and the sisters must work at a low figure till we get a start and make an extra effort to get our business established. [p. 356]

God is her Father and she wanted to work faithfully for him, and her labors to continue while she is in the flesh. Spoke some in silk culture and encouredged [encouraged] planting the mulberry trees.

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Source Note

Sixteenth Ward, Riverside Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1968), vol. 1 (1868–1879), pp. 353–357, CHL (LR 8335 14); Cynthia A. Eldredge, Secretary.

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