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17 December 1873

Weber County Young Ladies and Young Men; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

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Sister Eliza R. Snow My young friends I reallise that in my position of addressing you [it] is important I shall make no excuse I shall try to do to the best of my ability. When I recieved the invitation to address you I dare not refuse. I depend upon the Spirit of God. I am not a public speaker. I am trying to do good in Zion. Joseph Smith said we should see judgements that would make our hearts ache The blessings of the Gospel lift us above what the outside world suffers. While they are suffering we my young friends are partakers of this Gospel which has been established in this our day. Whether we realise it or not It is [n.p.] nesessary we rouse ourselves and take hold of this work with energy unless we move in the right channel we shall suffer loss. My young sisters in order to prepare for the future it is necessary to have energy of character and the Spirit of God within us There is not a child born <but> what has a work to perform it is necessary we should be wide awake that we may receive those blessings and glorys that are promised to those who become real Saints of God. It is necessary we should have a determined will to apply ourselves to the great work before us and to make ourselves useful While Mr [John C.] Calhoun was in college a visitor in his remarks told they could become whatever they would set their minds to he resolved to become President of the United States he rose to be Vice President I think—The Governments of the world are tottering those that are middle aged will pass off and who will fill their places? [n.p.] will those of the young who are given to read frivolous reading be qualified to fill high stations in life?

I dont know if in Ogden the Gentile influences are creeping in as they are in Salt Lake City. It is necessary we should have strong bodies and minds, how many of you my young friends can be found morally cultivating yourselves? The mind is like the soft plaster impressions can be easily made <upon it> In order to have perfect beings they should be cultivated morally Physically and spiritually. We should all aim at a high mark in life.

And now my young friends it is necessary to establish character to have deep thought, allow yourselves to think and to think deeply the course you are pursuing, for that course will mark your future life.

Now is the time for you to prepare yourselves for the future the more you cultivate yourselves the more you will fit yourselve[s] for usefulness and the great r[e]sponsibilities [n.p.] of the future. A great deal rests on Woman. Woman makes the impression on Society it is increasing: They should have the Spirit of God to guide them

A responsibility is resting on every one. It is right to cultivate a knowledge for future use there is but little time to prepare for the future.

I want these my young sisters and young brethren if they have not made up their minds to be ambitious and to help in the great work before them to do so. Dont think you are having your best time now but cultivate moral principles honesty is the greatest foundation for truth

Don’t allow yourselves to do anything you are ashamed of never do a mean thing, cultivate those principles that will ennoble—

I don’t believe a dishonest person will ever gain Celestial Glory, Joseph Smith said the time would come when [n.p.] every one would have to lay an offering on the alter if it would burn it would <be> accepted. We can deceive our fellow creatures but not God.

The responsibilities resting on Mothers are very great the mind of the child should be moulded when young wait until their minds run astray it is impossible to bring them back.—

Be punctual. Young Ladies establish while young the order of punctuallity I think the cultivation of the young should occupy the attention of every one I have thought the breth[r]en took more pains to improve their stock than the minds of their children

I have known many instances where children have lain <hands> on the sick and they have recovered all have not faith a great many gentile docters are employed.

And I am really glad some of our young Ladies ar studying for that profession, be not discouraged [n.p.]

I am more for the Spiritual culture they should be instructed mentally and Spiritually In Zion they have a right to the Spirit of God so as to be Spiritually instructed We consider that <when> these assosiations are carried out they will do great good There is a Monitor within.

This monitor that Jesus said he would send even the Comforter without this they cannot claim to be Saints of God.—Many have gone to destruction I think it is owing to their not being instructed enough mentally and Spiritually.

Let their minds be cultivated on the principle of strict honesty and they will build up a character that will make you noble These young people here before me ere long will be stepping forward to fill important Stations we want you to live so as to gain knowledge for future usefulness Brother Lorenso [Lorenzo Snow] when young seemed to have an idea of something in the future he would spend as much time [n.p.] in play as others always had his book he did not discard all pleasure but discerned between extremes cultivated his mind for future usefulness.

We want to live for the Kingdom of God I exhort you my young friends to live for God and his Kingdom

My young sisters you can gain a high position you can become queens in the future queen in the Spirit world we have lived in families before we came here and for my part I would like to be faithful to the end

My young friends do not allow yourselves to speak lightly of plurality of Marriage. You don’t know what great mission was given you before you came here if you fought against it you would lose all those blessings

I do not want to lose anything that God imparts to me When I came into this church I received opposition after I received the Holy Ghost I did not care I am thankful I kept the faith and did not become an apostate There is nothing too great for [n.p.] the young to attain to if they will live for it: be humble cultivate the principles of the Gospel so you can give a reason of the faith that is within you

I recoomend [recommend] the young men to organise and have meetings and get the Spirit of God I know great blessings can be obtained by these organisations we have good organisations in the City good Secretaries.

For instance if a child has no restrictions how can he grow up to have them We want our young Ladies to learn to be business women, learn how to keep house properly. A young Lady that knows how has a foundation where on she can add all other accomplishments.

But what is a young woman that don’t know how to keep house make a bed or get a meal of victuals, it is a great thing to know what is for our good.

We can accomplish anything we undertake if we have the right Spirit I thank you for your kind attention [n.p.] hope I may have said something that has made an impression on every heart that they may carry it through time and eternity

May God bless you my young brothers & Sisters

[. . .] [n.p.] [. . .]

President F. [Franklin] D. Richards then made some excellent remarks

Called upon some of the young folks to thank Sister Snow and [Zina D. H.] Young

Brother J M [James M.] Thomas felt to thank them. President F. D. Richards then thanked Sister Snow and Sister Young in behalf of the young folks felt many of them would [do] so if they only dare to. And felt to bless Sister Snow and Sister Young with all his heart

[. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society and Young Ladies Meeting Minutes (1873–1874), n.p., CHL (LR 9970 37).

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