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10 December 1873

Sugar House Relief Society; Jacob Gibson Residence, Sugar House, Utah Territory

Remarks By Mrs S [Sarah] M Kimball My sisters I am pleased to Be Here and I have Been thinking of the time when Mother Witney [Elizabeth Ann Whitney] Blest Me in My youth and I feel to Bless Her for it to day. Sister Snow has also Been a guiding Star in My Life. I feel that we are Growing to day.

[. . .]

The Releif Society was organized By the Preisthood we have reason to Be Gratefull that our lot is last in this dispensation I wish to Let My power Extend for good Sister Snow and Myself have often talked years past would the women ever Be organized it has Extended Beyond our hopes.

[. . .]

Remarks By Miss. E. R. Snow My Sisters I have Been Much Interested in what has Been Said I would First ask is Every person in the Church is Every Sister a member of this organization Every Sister should Belong to it. In Joseph Smith time he Said that Every Sister of good Morall Character should Belong to the Releif Society

Said it was a Test of Fellowship and a Committe was appointed to Enquire into their Morall Character

There are Many in Each ward that do not Belong to these organizations and it pains my Heart to see it

Its present Organization Was By the Prophett Joseph Smith assisted By Elders John Taylor and Willard Richards. Brother Taylor was Called to the Chair Sister Emma Smith had Been appointed previous to this to Preside. With the Privilidge of Choosing her own Counsell. She Choose Mrs Elizabeth Witney as her first and Sister [Sarah M.] Cleveland as her Second Counsellors. [p. 84] They were appointed to Look after the poor and had the power to Elect other officers they Needed.

Said the President Should Hold office as long as She filled It with Honor.

When I was Back East I took great pleasure to Inform people about these Organizations.

It is an Angellic act to Look after the Sick and administer to their wants to Releive the poor and Carry out all good. But this is Not all we must try to save souls.

This is not a tithing of what we have to do it is yet in its Embryo State and is destined to do much good.

President [Brigham] Young has Called on the Young Ladies to Become Type Setters, to Study Obstretrics, and Be[c]ome proffesional M. D. So that we Can Crowd out the Gentiles from our Midst We have about 44 Students I went through the Settlements to get them, if the Sisters Were United in one General Bond Zion would soon Be purified. It is Womans Rights to give Stamp to Society and Counsel and Help their Husbands But we are far Behind We had Better have Stayed in Babylon than Come Here and go to Sleep.

It is the privilidge of those that are alive to their Duties to Encourage and Cheer those that are weak in the Faith and try to Bring them Back to their first Love to Feel after them and warm them up like a Mother would a Sick Infant.

What would the Ancient Apostles have done had it not Been for those Holy Women they had among them. You who do your Duties know that it is a labor of Love I know it is so with Me. We have to Be Crowded with them to make us do our duties.

Sometimes we forget ourselves When we are wanted to do anything for Zions Sake then Let us do it for Jesus Sake. I know Some that have no time to go to meeting and they fail to Implant in their Childrens Hearts the principles of the Gospell.

They Should Commence Early to do this Learn them to ask a Blessing on their Food President Young is very Faithfull in all these duties.

When I wished to Organize the Young Ladies he desired it should Commence in His own Family He organized them in Every Ward and where they have carried it out they posses the Spirit of God. [p. 85]

You have only to walk down Main Street to day to see the difference and the Influence spreads.

Keep Your Young people in the possesion of the Spirit and they will escape all these things.

I would Say to My Sisters when you Come together do not Leave all the talking for your President to do Some Say I have Nothing to Say then try and the Lord will Help you Some Say I have nothing to Give those are they that Need something Feel after them. The office of a Teacher is an Important one. the Releif Societys are not a Begging Institution Except in Special Cases.

When You find any one that is Loosing [losing] the spirit of This work try to win them Back By Kindness Cheer them up and try to Bless them.

Everything that tends to Improvement Should Be talked of in Your meetings Communicate to Each other all That is good if one of you know how to nurse the Sick or do anything another does not Let her tell it Let your Words Be words of kindness and Love.

The Fruits of the Spiritt are Joy, peace, Love, Charity, hope Longsuffering and Unity.

The Saint of God should always Be Cheerfull the Mother Mourns to part with her Child But She will receive it again if She is Faithfull Just as She Laid it down and will have the privilidge of raising it.

I wish you to Be aware of False Sympathy Bear Each other up and do not pull down Be Valiant For the Truth Joseph Said we should Be tried in all things I wish to speak of the Temple Clothing I want you to get the Correct pattern and Keep it as given to the prophet Joseph Smith there is Scarcely a day But we get Some that are not Correct I would Suggest that all that Can get them and lay them Bye It does Not Matter if the garments are Not Linen The Suit Consists of Robe, Cap, Apron Moggasins [Moccasins] and Garments five Articles.

When you ask a Blessing on your Food always Uncover the dishes and Never partake of the Sacrament with a gloved hand.

I want all that Can to take the Exponent the Type is set By Young Ladies and Ladies will do all the work When President Youngs Ideas are Carried out.

I wish to Urge you all to Faithfulnes and Diligence. [p. 86] When you meet together

Let your Conversation Be said as Becometh Saints of God.

I feel Happy in my Religion I am nearly Seventy Years Old and I feel Happier Every Day

Every Wife Should Be a Counsellor to her Husband Not A dictatar [dictator] we do not Contend for Womans Rights we Know that Man is the Head

I pray God to Bless you My Sisters In the Name of Jesus.

Remarks by Mrs Elizabeth Witney My Sisters I rejoice to Be with You to day More than I Can Express.

I remember well the words of Brother Joseph He said the releif Society should prosper and accomplish many Things and I have lived to see it.

[. . .]

Miss E R Snow then Said Sister Witney and Myself have Been together from the First in the Temple at Kirtland and other places if the Sisters will Unite Their Faith and prayers in her Behalf She will Sing for you in the pure Language that was spoken In the Garden of Eden.

Mrs E Witney then Sung for a short time very Beautifully In toungues, then prayed God to Bless Us Amen. [. . .] [p. 87]

Source Note

Sugar House Ward, Sugar House Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1860–1973), vol. 2 (1868–1883), pp. 83–87, CHL (LR 8754 14); Sarah F. Wheeler, Secretary.

See also “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 2, no. 15 (1 Jan. 1874): 114

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