26 April 1882

Salt Lake Stake Relief Society; Fourteenth Ward Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Two-story, brick building surrounded by women, men, and children, with a sign above the entrance reading “Groceries & Provisions”

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward Relief Society Hall, circa 1892. Courtesy Church History Library.

Sister Snow, said; by list[e]ning to the minutes of the various associations, I feel well paid for coming to meeting, even if I were to hear nothing more. There was once a day when there were no more than the minutes from one ward read in our meeting, but now we have a great number.

Gave an account of her visite to the 20th Ward <Primary> Association, also of her visit with the Associations of Davis Co [County].

[. . .]

Sister Snow gave some very good advice to the young girls in regard to qualifying themselves for good nurses, and knowing something about themselves.

Sister Freese [Mary A. Freeze] wished the subject that Sister Snow had just spoken upon, disscused in the Young Ladies Associations.

Sister Furgerson [Ellen B. Ferguson] announced that those wishing to prepare themselves for nurses could attend her class which would be open the first week in May.

[. . .] [p. 9]

Source Note

Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1882–1973), vol. 2 (1882–1890), p. 9, CHL (LR 604 14).