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4 June 1874

Salt Lake City Twelfth Ward Relief Society; Twelfth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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There were present Miss E R Snow and Mrs [Mary Ann] Hyde by request of the Pres Mrs P [Priscilla M.] Staines Miss Snow addressed the meeting said she was glad to meet with the [p. 186] sisters of the 12th Ward was always glad to meet with the saints of God. Spoke with regard to the small number present but said there were more than there were when the Church was first established. Said We have just as much at stake; those that were not born here were called here by the spirit of the Lord, what are we here for? we are here to serve God as we could not in the gentile world, when we came we left all to live the lives of of saints, do we feel as much interest in this work as we should? is it greater in our estimation than any <all> things else? we should inq[u]ire of ourselvese and see how we stand before our Father in heaven and before one another. God has spoken has revealed an order for woman which has not been upon the earth for many years it is called now Relief Society; how many attach importance to it as being revealed from God. In the days of Joseph all virtuous women belonged to it, if we were to judge the sisters in the same manner here we should judge wrongfully, there are many good and virtuous women in the midst of the saints who take no interest in this society how shall we account for it? After excluding all of a character that were objectionable, there is not a house large enough to hold the Sisters, for instance, take this ward do those here represent the ward? some have reasonable excuses, we must allow a great deal for ignorance, if they could see and understand this house would be crowded but the adversary is so strong it requires more stamina to be a saint in very deed here than in the world, the Lord is trying to raise up a people that will be live saints who will regard the vanities of this world how many is there that will step forward? how much better to be on the Lords side; there is only two sides; some talk of resigning their free agency. [p. 187]

When I started in this I chose the Lord[’]s side I longed to hear that God had spoken but when I heard that He had spoken I thought it to[o] good to be true at that time I chose with my own free will the favor of God rather than the favor of the world I chose the side of God I chose the government of God; there is something ahead what is it? no matter God is at the helm we have to learn little by little one step at a time last conference it was one step to raise my hand one step at a time is enough if I can be humble enough to take every step as it comes I shall advance with the kingdom of God but if I do not I shall be left behind but we must trust in God. I wish to say a word to those young ladies who are present I am glad to see you here and I feel to say may the God of Israel bless you and when you are ready to be organized into an association I shall be pleased to come and assist you some may say what is the use of being organized? it brings them in position to become acquainted with God they need to cultivate their spirit; they cultivate their minds and manners which is all right the world study books become learned in all the sciences; are they prepared to associate with angels? to come into the presence of God? those who do not cultivate the spirit of God in their hearts cannot become noble high minded capable of understanding the principles that emanate from Jehovah. Will they receive the Holy Ghost unless they live for it? Do parents teach their children that they must speak in tongues prophecy &c. and receive their endowments.

A word to the Teachers I hope they do not think all they have to do is to inquire into the temporal wants of those they visit and receive what they feel to give for the [p. 188] poor. Joseph Smith said the Teachers have far higher duties than providing for the poor; there is a thirst a hunger that is far higher for the living waters, for the bread of life, a dearth of the spirit and knowledge of God. There is no more important office than that of a Teacher to deal out the bread of life to those who have lost the warmth of the spirit of the Lord. A Teacher should have enough of the Holy Ghost so that when she enters a house she may know what spirit prevails in that house and have wisdom to know what to say and what course to pursue on all occasions. And we should all live in such a way that our influence is on the Lords side there are none of us so small but what we have influence. Sr’s [Sisters] God bless you and help you to press on we have got to help God build up his kingdom I have long known that the Temple has to be built up in the Order of Enoch, God never requires anything of us which we cannot do. God and a few are a majority this kingdom is to roll on rapidly; this people will associate with Angels. God help us to live up to our high and holy calling, Amen

Sr Hyde bore testimony to what Sr Snow had said always thought a Teachers office one of great importance they should be prepared to comfort those who need comfort a kind word will do a great deal of good. Endorsed what Sr Snow had said

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Pres Mrs Staines said she wished to bear testimony to what Sr Snow had said also to express her gratitude for attendance and instruction After singing

Benediction by Miss. E. R. Snow. [p. 189]

Source Note

Twelfth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1877), pp. 186–189, CHL (LR 12908 24); Harriet A. Hardy, Secretary.

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