22 January 1878

Salt Lake City Eighteenth Ward Relief Society; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .] Prest E. R. Young presiding.

[. . .]

Prayer by Prest E R Snow.

[. . .] Prest. Snow then said: The time has been when to read the Bible, the saints had to set a guard at the door, because their lives were exposed if they were found reading the Bible, we have had to flee from place to place and endure many hardships, but we have not to endure what Saints had to in ancient times. Said: if we endured to the end we should receive a blessing, hoped the sisters would feel free in every up Said: it had a tendency to humble our spirits felt pleased that sister M. I. [Mary Isabella] Horne was present. Should like to hear from her.—Sister Horn then said: I do like to mingle my voice with my sisters [. . .] [p. 8]

Source Note

Eighteenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1877–1941), vol. 1 (1877–1892), p. 8, CHL (LR 2523 14); Mary Schettler, Secretary.