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19 March 1874

Weber County Relief Societies; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

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We are also favored with Sister Snow & Sister [Zina D. H.] Young again for which I [Jane S. Richards] am also thankful I feel I could hardly stand it were it not for their kindness & council

I know you all feel pleased to see them again and thankful we have the [p. 67] privilege of listening to their instruction

In doing work we want to keep our minds on what we are doing. When we listen to Sister Snow we think of being prepared for the future let us not drop those thoughts but keep right along

Sister Snow Says I have missed one thing there is one brother presant and would say the brethren are always welcome

Sister Eliza R. Snow It is a great privilege we have of meeting together and conversing on our Eternal welfare. We spend much time in toil and labor to obtain the perishable things of earth we are in the habit of doing this. What a blessing it is when we can spend a little time in seeking that bread which feeds the spirit we have been too much in the the habit of making Spiritual things secondary Tis said in the scriptures Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added ther[e]to [p. 68]

We are apt to neglect those things that pertain to life immortal for that which passeth away how little time we take to prepare for the presense of immortal beings.

In order to enjoy blessings we should associate together it is by associating together we can prepare ourselves for future life

There is inspiration in the countenances of the Saints every organ we bring into service adds to our happiness.

The Relief Society organised by Joseph Smith is to assist woman to bring her into that State God desingned [designed] she should fill it is only understood by few it should circumscribe every woman it is not only <for> looking after the poor Joseph Smith said it was to save souls it leads to important results. It will help us to gain the presence of God. It is to assist us in overcoming our nature healing the sick overcoming evil spirits and to help <woman> to that position should attain to. Why should not every woman be engaged in the work [p. 69]

In the first place it is the duty of the Relief Society to look after the poor Many think this is the ultimatum Many think the teachers go as beggars this is a great mistake if the hearts of the sisters are in this work they do <not> need to be asked they know the treasury is kept up by free donations and that there are times when means is needed as a general thing teachers go to feed the hungry soul to soothe the wounded spirit they need to be filled with the Holy Ghost. The people are not forced to donate to the Relief Society those that have the Spirit of God will always feel to take hold and assist

Now we are trying to take the young by the hand and lead them forth

We have a number of organisations in the city some for young Ladies some for young gentlemen some for both. Some have admittance fees they pay so much this to me is wrong still it is better than none. In organising some Relief Societies it has [p. 70] been proposed to have admittance fees anything that comes in taxation is contrary to that which is preached. Without money without price. The 14th ward organised a society & proposed admittance fee I opposed it it was entirely obnoxious to me. I proposed free admittance that it might reach all. after I left I understood it was put in the bylaws that the admittance fee should be 50 cents. Anything that will help the young to turn their minds to anything that will benefit them I am thankful for anything calculated to bring salvation let it be free Let us impart it without money and without price

Many organisations are doing much good they write articles for the paper cultivate a good spirit they make more happy than the things of the world. When they meet together they take of the bread of Eternal life. They cultivate the spirit of the most high. Where two or three are met together in my name there will I be to bless them. It says in the scripture woe to the women that are at ease [p. 71] in Zion we do not know how much depends on woman. Prophets spoke of Elect Ladies we should lay hold of Eternal life this should be uppermost it should should be the first subject at the fireside and at the table we should know these things and they should be uppermost in the minds of Mothers I have thought not as much respect was paid to the intelligence of children as good should always be held up before them day by day & not be merely a Sunday job. We as sisters should have the Stamina to stand up for our religion to jew or gentile have we not reason to be proud of our religion

We have the body to care for our first education for our girls should be to make them good housekeepers when they understand these duties you can keep on accomplish◊nts & not over top them giving ornamental not useful education is cruel we should not bring them in ignorance of these duties with all this it is necessary to instill in their minds the spirit of the Gospel. [p. 72]

Many need converting as much as the heathen they have not the Spirit. When the Spirit of God is inculcated there is no room for the spirit of the world

This spirit teaches them to regard the administrations of the Gospel Joseph Smith told them to heal the sick if united how much faith & power could have with God.

Many sisters can testify that he hears his daughters and answers their prayers

A sister had been confined to her bed most 4 months was in a dying condition I was at retrenchment meeting this Sister sent in a request to be prayed for just at the time when they were praying she seemed dead after awhile she spoke and said they are praying for me she lived a week after that. I believe Father hears the prayers of his daughters as well as his sons. We are Fathers daughters. We have reason reason to believe our Heavenly Father has the same love for us—It is no use for us to have our names in the society but be [p. 73] dead members we should be alive and up & doing it is necessary we should be united. It seems a spirit of Lethargy has gone forth among the people.

A brother speaking said some of the Saints had bottled up their religion & it was now on the shelf and they had gone after riches. I do not covet the riches of this world. I can do without many things many of the sisters can not I desire to be seeking for the pearl of Great price. I want to have a share of the wealth of our elder brother Jesus this is looking high we should all be united working for Father. We have got to work for him or else I am afraid we shall lose our inheritance. It is a day of work a world of work. Let us work for that which will never perish Let us gain that which will be wealth beyond the grave, it is not covetous to work for all Father is willing to give us. I assure you the organisation of the Relief Society [p. 74] is one great thing towards helping us in obtaining these things we should seek his spirit and all the gifts pertaining to the everlasting Gospel if we have the Spirit we shall bless each other. Let us seek never to be destitute of the Spirit of God! Let us live for this. Be faithful in coming to meeting He has blessed those that are faithful. Carry the spirit home be cheerful & happy with this spirit the children would have no need of being converted from the foolishness of the gentiles. Let us bend all our energies and our means in building up the kingdom of God. Dont be discouraged hold on our labours may not be appreciated but let us labor for the good of the Kingdom of God. Father has a record kept no eye sees all will get their reward! Those that bless feel blessed Let us draw consolation from our own bosoms God imparts it. Let each one come to meeting and pray for the spirit in heart may we so live that we may ever feel God app[r]obates and may [p. 75] we help to build up his kingdom is my prayer in the name of Jesus Amen.

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Sister Snow said I was very much pleased with the minutes that were read pleased so many sisters spoke [p. 78]

If you open your mouth and say a few words you discipline the spirit if you have a wrong spirit you can gain influence over it.

The Spirit of God is strengthened and you receive additional power. When sisters get up their thoughts go from them they have rich thoughts diffidence drives them away we want to overcome our diffidence. Dont be discouraged by using the gift of speech you will get so you can speak and edefy. I have seen sisters who could not stand to vote in a member. They was determined to become blessings in the kingdom of God I know some of them that can speak as well as the breth[r]en

What has been done can be done The gift of speech is a beautiful gift and should be used for the building up of the Kingdom of God. I feel like speaking an unknown language God will do you good through it. I dont know what I shall say it is a gift that should not be abused. I have heard people speak in unknown tongues by the power of [p. 79] Satan. One man in Kirtland opposed the truth he turned his children out of doors he would speak in tongues and turn black he did not live long.

Spoke of the temple in Kirtland and of the great power she had seen manifested there spoke of the Spirit of God coming like the rushing of carriages sounded like a house in flames. Spoke of Sister [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney having the gift of singing in tongu[e]s a pure language that was in the garden of Eden before the fall. Sister Snow then spoke in tongues.—Sister Richards asked if any sister presant had the interpretation or brother. Sister Zina then gave the interpretation.1

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Benediction by Sister E. R. Snow [. . .] [p. 82]

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Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 3 (1873–1874), pp. 67–82, CHL (LR 9970 14).

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