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17 December 1884

Box Elder Stake Young Ladies; Brigham City, Utah Territory

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Sis. E. R. S. Smith — “Hardly expected to see so many present on such a stormy night: was pleased that such an interest is taken. You who are here stand as representatives, as such you must expect to be watched: your examples, your actions will be criticize: hence how necessary to set examples worthy of imitation. We are as it were standing at the head of the world, it is necessary to keep up with the signs & intelligence of the times, so that the instructions we receive may be appreciated & understood by us. It takes energy & perseverance to perform these duties. Spoke on round dancing, the stand that had been taken in Prest. [Brigham] Young’s time & also now in Prest. [John] Taylor’s time in regard to this: How much you as officers can do in this direction: the authorities of Zion will bless you, & the angels of God will approve. Spoke of the injury done by rounddancing.” I hope, my young sister officers, when anything is required of you, you will have enough independence of character to be on the Lord’s side. Pleased that these meetings are organized, that we may increase in the knowledge of God: Prayed that God [p. 22] would pour down his blessings on all. He is looking down upon you with favor, that your hearts may be lifted towards Him, that your examples may have great weight, that you will be held in veneration from generation to generation.

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Sis. E. R. S. Smith in answer to Fanny Graehl said the too frequent use of the name of the Deity was not proper. Spoke of forming character; we want to develop physically, mentally, morally & spiritually Related her experience before baptism. Desired only the blessings & favor of God.

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Box Elder Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875–1944), vol. 2 (1879–1893), pp. 22–23, CHL (LR 933 17).

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