29 June 1875

Levan Relief Society; Levan, Utah Territory

[Editorial Note: This discourse was reported in two different sources. Both versions are transcribed below. For more information, see the source note following each transcript.]

I. From the Relief Society Minutes

[. . .]

We were then favored with a few remarks by Sister Eliza Snow she wished an interest in the faith and prayers of the Sisters she spoke [p. 104] of the unity and the duty of the Saints the Relief Society was Organized by Joseph Smith the prophet she being present at the first relief Society meeting she then spoke of the duties of the sisters and the responsibility resting upon them as teachers her remarks were interesting to the last wich lasted an hour and a quarter—

[. . .]

We were then favored with the remarks by Sister [Elizabeth A.] Howard [. . .] She Spoke of the importance of the rebabtism [rebaptism] for the remmission of our sins and to be awake to the duties of Saints and lay aside the fassions [fashions] of the World w[h]ich were sanctioned by Sister Eliza Snow when she again favored us with remarks on the necessit[y] of awaking up to our duties

[. . .] Sister Snow urged the Sisters to meet often as it was the request of President [Brigham] Young [. . .] [p. 105]

Source Note

Levan Ward, Juab Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1874–1970), vol. 2 (1874–1887), pp. 104–105, CHL (LR 4850 14).

See also Nancy Hartley and Alice Tunbridge, “R. S. Reports,” Woman’s Exponent 4, no. 8 (15 Sep. 1875): 58

II. From Deseret News

[. . .]

We were yesterday favored with a call and visit from Sisters E. R. Snow, [Mary Isabella] Horne, [Elizabeth A.] Howard, and [Elvira S.] Barney on their return from a tour through Sanpete County. [. . .] Sister Snow having sent out a special invitation to all who felt like meeting.

[. . .] Sister Snow made the opening remarks, which were kind, cheering, comforting, and full of love for all those whom she is associated with. She showed the object of the “Relief Societies,” and what God had called them to be. The remarks were listened to with much pleasure by the crowded audience and were very impressive. She gave some excellent instructions to the young girls and counseled them to organize themselves in retrenchment and other good societies, in accordance with the gospel and the commandments of God. [. . .] These sisters left here this morning in good season and we wish them a safe return to their respective homes.

[. . .] [p. 10]

Source Note

Branch Clerk, “R. S. Meetings,” Deseret News 24, no. 24 (14 July 1875): 378.

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