8 November 18811

Payson Primary; Payson Meetinghouse, Payson, Utah Territory

Sketch of the tabernacle in Payson that appeared in the Deseret News. A simple building with windows on the front and side is depicted

Payson Tabernacle built near the center of the old fort for use by the Nebo Stake. Payson, Utah Territory. (Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.)

Meeting called to order by E. R. Snow of Salt Lake City, who was requested to take Charge of the Meeting.

[. . .]

Sister Snow asked who is the President of Primaries of Utah Stak. who Presides over all Primaries of the world ans, Zina. Y. Williams first, Louie [B.] Felt second, then made some remarks [p. 12] About the singing. of the children Spoke of the Indians going to hear the Prophet Joseph Smith. Preach. refered to her visit to Thistle Valley and what she saw there. said they Organized a Primary Association. questions were read and answers were Read by Sister Snow & [Emmeline B.] Wells the children repeating after them.

[. . .]

Sister Snow spoke of children assisting to Emigrate the poor

Refered to the Fair at the city

told what children could do

[. . .]

Sister Snow prayed and the children followed repeating her words. [p. 13]

Source Note

Payson Ward, Utah Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1891), vol. 4 (1880–1891), pp. 12–13, CHL (LR 6814 18); Millie Stark, Secretary; Susan Crandall, Recorder.

See also “Here and There,” Woman’s Exponent 10, no. 12 (15 Nov. 1881): 93.

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