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3 June 1868

Farmington Relief Society; Farmington Meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah Territory

Single-story chapel, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900.

Farmington meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

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To more fully complete the Organization of the F. R. [Female Relief] Society under the direction of Sis. Eliza R. Snow.

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Sis. Eliza R. Snow. Then read the minutes of the Organization of the first Female Relief Society in Nauvoo.

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Eliza R. Snow then arose and addressed the meeting, said she thought it was not that we talked too much, but that the subject was reprehensible. She thought the Sisters were more apt to exercise light and useless conversation than the brethren, because they were more apt to act by their feelings than their judgment but the reverse with the brethren, there are a great many subjects of conversation that are elevating and ennobling. The office of a teacher is very responsible—they should have the Spirit of God if they have not been in the habit of praying let them begin now.

Do not let people think you come merely to beg—but that you will receive from the smallest carpet rag to the largest donation—it is the business of the Sisters to act as Mothers, and when you find sisters who have lost their first love, stir up the pure minds by way of rememberance. When you find a Sister who is cast down in her feelings, and sees no beauty in our holy religion try to comfort them, and tell them to acknowledge the hand of God in all things. Make this Society honorable by being honorable ourselves—if Angels visit us as anciently we have got to improve our habits, we must not wait until we are perfect until we begin to do good to one another. &c. &c.

On motion of the Bishop [John Hess] a vote of thanks was returned to Sis. E. R. Snow for the wisdom and good spirit she has exhibited here to-day.

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Source Note

Farmington Ward, Davis Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1951), vol. 1 (1868–1878), pp. 3–4, CHL (LR 2816 14); Rhoda H. Richards, Secretary.

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