15 July 1886

American Fork Relief Society; American Fork Meetinghouse, American Fork, Utah Territory

[. . .] Pres. [Mary S.] Hindley said we had with us Sisters’ E. R. Snow Smith, E. [Emmeline] B. Wells & sister [Mary W.] John. also other visiting sisters.

Sister Snow arose said I feel very thankful for this opportunity of meeting with my sisters in this ward, and ask an interest in your faith and prayers that I may be dictated by the spirit of the Lord. It is entirely useless for me to try to edify you without the spirit of God. This is a precious time for us, all times are very important to us, we have inlisted to serve the Lord by going down into the waters of babtism and each one of us will be tried, the Lord is going to know who is His, he is going to try us to the very core, I believe there is a great many among us that have done the very best they knew how. We should be a people that can go hand in hand, heart to heart, be one in all things. Then how necessary it is that we pray for His spirit to lead and guide us day by day, I feel to encourage you to live nearer to God. When I came here it was all we could to live, there was not a tree in Salt Lake County; now see what we have every where, beautiful trees, rich fields of grain, everything to make us happy and comfortable. Are we satisfied? I think not. Our hearts have run out too much for the things of the world. We as a people ought to make our own apparel, there is plenty [p. 273] of elements here, through our own industry we could all be dressed in silk from head to foot. But a few individuels cannot accomplish so much. The Lord requires us to keep the Sabbath Day holy, and how has it been with us, some work, others read novels, some go on excursions; I once had to go to a settlement and had to take the train I was astonished and ashamed, not only the young but the middle aged and old people were there. The Lord has prospered us in the mountains so much that many have come to make gain. The Lord is going to make a change, He is going to purge the gold from the dross, but how it will be brought about I don’t know. I want to say to the young that are here you need to seek for a testamony each one of you; go to the Lord in humble prayer and ask him to give you a knowlege of this great and glorious work. The Lord will give to all who seek for it. I wen’t to see my dear brother in prison, he said to me—“are you ashamed of me here in prison clothes?” I said that I was proud of him and proud of every one who would not deny the principles of the gospel. Hold fast to the truth and don’t be scared Father is at the helm. Just think of Jesus hanging between two thieves, everyone that was connected then are connected now if we did but realize; the two worlds are not so far apart let us not falter in the least.

[. . .] [p. 274] [. . .] [p. 275]

[. . .] Sister Snow said—I generally say what I have to say to the Relief Societies. Joseph Smith said when the female relief society was fully organized all the sisters would be members of the same. [p. 276] Chastity was the test of membership. The Lord loveth chastity in women. Every L. D. S. [Latter-day Saint] should be a worker; do not encourage the idler. No L. D. S. woman should think she should be a member to help some one else but to help her-self. I want to talk a little to my young sisters, they are an important part of these societies, their spirits were kept back to come in this age. What is your aim? What are you going to become? The next generation will tell what you are. The girl of to day must be a good hous-keeper, know how to make her husband’s hat. I know two sisters, one was a good houskeeper the other was petted and spoiled, did not care to do such work. They both got married and lived near each other; the one that was a good houskeeper had a happy home. The other knew nothing about order or having a place for every-thing and they were very unhappy. I never did think it disparaging to do anything to bless others. I would prefer a young that could do housework even if she did not know how to play the piano. What will make a good L. D. S.? You must be properly physically trained; go to bed early, rise early, that is one thing toward having a healthy body. I get up every day before sun-rise. Encompas the body with tight clothing and you cannot be healthy you must be able to have perfect freedom. When I was a young girl I did not take precisely the care of my self as I ought to have done. We are born to be helps to each other, we want to be persons of character. [p. 277] The young are like a sheet of white paper and every thing you do wrong leaves a blight. develop and improve your minds, not by reading novels, that is very injurious. I heard father Smith [Joseph Smith Sr.] say—“We begin at the bottom of the ladder and we must gradually rise.” You want to study the church works. the Doc & Cov. [Doctrine & Covenants], Book of Mormon and the bible and it will have a tendency to interest. I commited a good deal of it to memory and found it a great help to me, when I heard the gospel I could open to just where I wanted.

God bless each one of you & help you to be good, useful, honorable women in all your positions.

[. . .] [p. 278] [. . .]

Sister Snow felt like blessing her sisters both old, middle aged and young in tongues. I never asked for this gift but I have asked for the gift of wisdom.

Sister Hindley felt very humble. Sister Snow has had a hard days work to day traveling and attending meeting, prayed the Lord to strengthen her in her noble work. [. . .] [p. 279]

Source Note

American Fork Ward, Alpine Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1901), vol. 2 (1880–1888), pp. 273–279, CHL (LR 10636 14); Eleanor Tracey, Secretary.

See also “Woman’s Meeting at American Fork,” Woman’s Exponent 15, no. 5 (1 Aug. 1886): 35.

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