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17 September 1878

Salt Lake City Eighteenth Ward Relief Society; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

President E. R. Snow presiding—

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Prest Snow then said: I am pleased to meet with my Sisters, I should like to see more present, I feel gratified with the reports of the ward, it is requested of the various Relief Societies to bring forward every thing that is respectable to exhibit at the fair.— There will be a committee present for some 2 or 3 days previous to the opening of the fair to receive the articles sent, when we had our last Territorial fair the strangers who visited were surprised at the things we could produce. those who work for the welfare of Zion shall be blessed of the Lord, if we think we can reap a fullness of our reward and not work for Zion, we shall make a Terrible mistake. We are moving now in a new direction, we want to organize a primary meeting for children. So many of our young men and women have their hearts full of vanity, but we want to save our young children and throw a protection around them, if we can accomplish this, we shall have a generation growing up who will do the work of God. I want to know the feeling [p. 31] of all my sisters who are present. We can not do anything without the aid of the mothers. We want the children to come clean, and we cannot have this unless the mothers take hold. It was moved seconded and carried, that Mary Schettler be president of the association [. . .] [p. 32]

Source Note

Eighteenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1877–1941), vol. 1 (1877–1892), pp. 30–32, CHL (LR 2523 14); Mary Schettler, Secretary.

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