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22 July 1881

Davis Stake Primary; Bountiful Tabernacle, Bountiful, Utah Territory

Tabernacle in Bountiful, Utah, circa 1900

Tabernacle in Bountiful, Utah, circa 1900. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .] Prayer by Sr. [Sister] E. R. Snow. She explained to the children, that praying was talking with the Lord, and by her request the children repeated her prayer

[. . .]

Sr. E. R. Snow interested the children for some length of time, by asking them questions, viz. What Stake do you live in? And who is your President? How long did Joseph Smithe [Smith] preside over the Church? Told them fourteen years, and Brigham Young presided for thirth [thirty] three years, asked what partaking of the Sacrament represented &c, &c. The most of which ques. [questions] were promptly ans. [answered] by the children. told them of much good that Primaries are capable of doing. Said the [p. 10] Primary of Morgan were going to emigrate a poor girl or boy from England, by getting Their Mothers to give them the Sunday Eggs. Asked the children if they always remembered to pray night and morning, urged them to attend this little duty. Always speak the truth some people think it is no wrong to tell what is called “a white lie,” but children speak the truth always, or you might getting black lies. was much pleased in hearing the Reports with one exception which was the average attendance being poor. Encouraged the children to be as good as they could each day, always tattend [to attend] the Primary association, and be obedient to those placed over you, and the Lord will bless you with great faith, that when the boys are confined in prison for the gospel’s sake, they command the prison doors to fly open, and the girls may administer to the sick and they shall be healed.

She closed praying the Lord to bless the children.

[. . .] [p. 11]

Source Note

Davis Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1915), vol. 2 (1880–1904), pp. 10–11, CHL (LR 2160 18); Sarah E. Richards, Secretary.

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