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4 December 1876

Logan Young Ladies; Logan, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister Eliza Snow arose and said she was pleased to see the Sperit [Spirit] of God manifasted so much among us Said God had put those things in our minds that are necessary to make us pure, that it is our privalege to have revelations from God that we must have a revelation from God in order to know of the truths of God. Said she had been told by President [Brigham] Young to organize the Young girls meeting and to call it the Retrenchment association said we were walking in the right way and heaven was pleased with us. advised us to admit girls into our co society as soon as they are baptized advised us to appoint four more councelors advised us to take the Womans exponent.

[. . .] [p. 36] [. . .] Sister Eliza Snow said she wished to leave her blessing with us asked for our faith and prayers She than talked in tongues Sister Zina Young interpeted [. . .] [p. 37]

Source Note

Logan 1st Ward, Logan Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875–1973), vol. 1 (1875–1876), pp. 36–37, CHL (LR 4963 17); Lydia L. Crockett, Secretary.

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