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29 May 1878

Payson Relief Society; Payson, Utah Territory

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Sister E. R. Snow said she was pleased to see so many of the Brethren present and the men ought to feel as deep an interest on every move as the Women We are all called to be Coworkers not only in faith but in works! It was God that revealed this Organisation if the Brethren hold more prominent positions the Sisters are just as useful in their sphere. If any Sister felt asleep in this great work she wished to arouse them Was pleased with the Exhibition of bespokenery and industry of the Sisters every Sister should be alive to every duty, The Sectarians [p. 47] were ahead of the times in their writings and so are we, our Songs are Zion is free as long as we are clothed in Babylonish stuff we are slaves if Babylon should fall we would have to suffer the consequence Sister Snow said that Sister Zina [D. H. Young] had a roll of black Riband made in Utah which She had failed to bring. We now have a Riband loom in the Territory it has been ascertained that we can clothe ourselves cheaper in Silk than Wool it is a warfare for us on this Earth for we are after the Almighty Dollar. Do we live our religion we are asleep but the powers of Darkness are not. We do not realize that we are bought with a price if we would unite together with a purpose in the Kingdom of God how much we could accomplish The Torment it will be to us when we find out that we have lacked—energy in laboring for the cause of god, It is to our interest to encourage home Industry. Ho[w] many Sisters cannot find time to go to Meeting and thereby lose the Spirit, god has promised if we are faithful we shall be Joint Heirs with Christ, She did not want the Sisters to neglect their homes we want to live so as to be worthy of associating with the Highest. The Sister that goes to meeting clothes her spirit and make her Home a Heaven

If we will do our part the Lord will do his—not by our serving the Lord one day and forgetting him the next The Brethren has preached that there are Noble Spirits in reserve to come forth in this last dispensation[.] referred to the Storing of Grain We know that a famine is coming for the Lord has said it, We as Latterday Saints has got to be as Joseph in Egypt spoke of raising and storing Beans as well as Wheat let us learn that we are of some account The Brethren are beginning to think so, Polygamy is a noble principle the speaker felt thankful she had never said a word against it We will be rewarded according to our Works and not position [p. 48]

When Joseph Smith received the Revelation on Celestial Marriage, He felt dilatory on entering entering into it.

The Angel of the Lord stood with a drawn sword if the Prophet Joseph did not keep that commandment The Speaker praised god that She had never opened her lips against that Noble Principle she knew god could not save the human Family without it1 felt to say god bless the Sisters that were in it that they might remain faithful and True May God bless all the Sisters. Amen

Sister Zina Young said She could endorse all Sister Snow had said [. . .] [p. 49]

Ms Em[m]eline B. Wells thought [. . .] Sisters Snow and Young had said so much that she had little to say felt pleased to meet with the Sisters and see the works of their hands Sister Eliza Snow had been a mother to all of us

[. . .] [p. 50]

Source Note

Payson Ward, Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1897), vol. 3 (1877–1885), pp. 47–50, CHL (LR 6814 14); Mary A. Hardy, Secretary.

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 1 (1 June 1878): 4–5.

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