30 March 1876

Ogden Relief Society; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

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Sister Eliza R. Snow At the last meeting when I was present the Sisters will recollect there was a vote taken to build a house for home industry more particular for the straw business. To-day the house is built and being occupied. There was no material on hand. The Sisters said the hous[e] should be built and went forward in faith. It stands as a monument of the faith and industry of the Sisters in Ogden. Home Industry is a thing President [Brigham] Young requires of the Sisters. If it is not paid for, the sisters own it to carry out the Council of the Priesthood. How can it be sustained, unless the sisters say it shall be sustained if we purpose it we should see it done, why should it be done because we are here to sustain the Kingdom of God. The Saints of God who are the first fruits are those that have been called to build up the Kingdom, how foolish to sustain Babylon when we know that Babylon will fall we are acting inconsistent. I have no interest but the interest of Zion. I have been purchased by the blood of the lamb of God. I have stood on the place where they said he ascended from earth. I thought of the passage of Scripture, why stand ye here the same Jesus ye see ascend shall descend. We are to make preparation to prepare for what? for his coming. If it was announced Queen Victoria was coming to Salt Lake City all would want to be prepared, what is that compared to the coming of the Savior. Malachi says “The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to [p. 48] his Temple.[”] are we wholly devoted to the building up of the kingdom of God, are we whole hearted in building up the church of Jesus Christ, we have to enthrone his spirit in our hearts and work with our hands, I am pleased with the meeting. I here see mothers that give stamp and character to the men what manner of women should we be. What have we gathered here for? To build up the Kingdom of God with our substance faith and prayers. I feel thankful to see your well doing The house is up one payment made when more are due they will <they> be paid Yes if you say it will It will. I say to the young girls and elder sisters, Let your whole influence be for this straw home manufacture. The young sisters can really do a great deal of good by their influence and patronage, the young folks can make it fashionable. You influence the young girls to use their influence they can do what I cannot. Pres. Young says they have done what he could not that is stop the round dances they have done it How has your house been built? By your united efforts. We don’t want to drive people only by asking God to direct their influence, if directed Zion ward and we unite as one solemus [solemn?] phalanx what can we not accomplish We must not expect the brethren to perform our duties, let us take hold as women of God. let us take hold and work in the right direction. I think if we had our hearts as much devoted to the interests of Zion as we should have, we should not think so much of ourselves and we should not have trouble. When I see a sister seeking after the things of this world I think poor sister you have taken your choice, do I have any for such No! I chose the work of God seeking for approbation of my Heavenly Father I choose the things of God If they take the other chance they have a poor bargain. I don’t consider I am better than the least, but I keep my mind interested I have worked in behalf of the young not for my own personal comfort but I want to see the work of God prosper. When I have seen the sisters [p. 49] asleep, I felt I wanted to go round and wake them up. My religion is my all, everything else is going to perish I want to hold on to that, that will endure forever. You and I are called to work for the Salvation of souls Can we do to[o] much, not if we act wisely. God bestows wisdom on those who seek it. My whole soul is interested in Zion I consider we never receive anything of our own but are as children, claiming any thing is preposterous We are joint heirs to an inheritance to last forever If we go to sleep and sleep on the Lamanites will get so far ahead of us we cannot overtake them. Pres. Young says they are the natural heirs. We must be wide awake and up to our duties establish home industries and be preparing for the second coming of Christ, our duties are multiplying more and more I believe they will untill the coming of the son of man, but in working for Zion we are working for ourselves, we can do but a little single, when we unite our faith and works it amounts to a good deal What woman wholly alive to the interest of Zion but what wants to encourage her Sisters We did better in the straw business last year than I anticipated we had to make strong efforts, but by the blessings of God we succeeded We want to start again, any one determined to work for the Kingdom of God must expect opposition. Let us keep up a sacred influence and not waver in our faith. Pres Young thinks in the silk business it is best to do on a small scale here and there. Two sisters in Farmington are making them a silk dress. I have been shown black twist better than the imported. If we are wide awake, we are praying for Babylon to fall if it should fall now it would crush us. Any family can learn to make their own thread. One sister in Mill Creek Ward came up once a week and got instructions [p. 50] a girl eleven years old did all the work and they raised 18 dollars worth Pres. Young require this work at the hands of the sisters. The reason it has failed in cocooneries, is because they have been so crowded. I feel to congratulate my sisters so far on their success of the straw business I hope the sisters here in Ogden will reallise their anticipations. only be united and you can accomplish your desires. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you and yours on record in the archives of Eternity

Brother Thomas Richardson bore his testimony to the truth of the council that had been given [. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow I want to report a work that is being done The Ladies of the Centennial are ussing a book on Charity they have written to me to forward them sketches of Charitable Societies conducted by women I have forwarded a report of the different societies the principle one is the Relief Society I sent 10 pages of closely written foolscap paper I sent to the Secretaries and got the different reports, from 110 branches represented the Report of what was donated to support the poor, for emigration, for Missionaries and building Accounted to upwards of over Eighty two thousand dollars. this is a good way to represent the women of Utah The report will show we are industrious seeking to elevate society I hope this report will enlighten them in regard to the Latter day women I stated our first meeting were like Israel trying to make bricks that we piled bed quilts and sewed rags for carpets.

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Sister [Jane S.] Richards [. . .] when Sister <Snow> was speaking I felt do we know how to appreciate or to represent us like Sister Snow [. . .] [p. 52]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 5 (1875–1877), pp. 48–52, CHL (LR 9970 14); Amelia M. Frodsham, Secretary.

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