26 May 1879

Sevier Stake Relief Society and Young Ladies; Richfield Meetinghouse, Richfield, Utah Territory

A large brick building in two sections with rectangular windows and children gathered in front

The Richfield meetinghouse was built in 1864–1865 and also served as a schoolhouse and theater. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

[Editorial Note: This discourse was reported in several sources. Two versions are transcribed below. For more information, see the source note following each transcript.]

I. From Sevier Stake Relief Society Minutes

[. . .] Sister [Dorcas T.] Farnsworth said we had Sisters E. R Snow and M. I. [Mary Isabella] Horne with us, to complete the Stake organization, and would now proceed to do so. Sister Snow arose and said: she was happy to see the faces of her sisters beaming with intelligence. Wanted the sisters to make up their minds for a late dinner today, and not care so much for a mortal bodies but with prayerful hearts strive to elevate our minds Wanted to organize a Silk Association, and wanted a woman alive to the interests of Zion, to act as agent. Urged the necessity and profit of Silk-raising

[. . .]

Sister Snow then spoke of the Young Ladies Association organization of the Stake. [. . .] [p. 1] [. . .]

Spoke of the duties of the above-named officers, and of the holiness and divinity of plural marrigge and urged them to love the principle, and never allow themselves to speak evil of it. Exhorted us to love one another, be obedient to the Priesthood, prayerful and faithful unto the end. [. . .]

Sister Snow instructed us as teachers, to first humble ourselves and get the spirit of God. so that on entering a house, she could see the condition of each sister and know how to help her in every trial.

[. . .] [p. 2]

Source Note

Richfield Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1872–1973), vol. 2 (1879–1895), pp. 1–2, CHL (LR 8243 14); Celia E. Bean, Secretary.

See also Richfield Utah Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1879–1973), vol. 1 (1879–1912), p. 3, CHL (LR 8243 17); Richfield First Ward, Sevier Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1874–1973), vol. 1 (1874–1883), pp. 95–97, CHL (LR 7462 14); William Morrison, “Sevier Stake Conference,” Deseret News 28, no. 19 (11 June 1879): 290; and “Woman’s Work,” Deseret Evening News 12, no. 143 (12 May 1879): [3].

II. From the Kingston Relief Society Minutes

[. . .]

Sr Eliza Snow them made the following remarks in looking over the congregation and seeing the beams of [p. 60] inteligeness [intelligence] in the faces of my Sisters I am led to Say ware it all turned to the building up of the kingdom of God what great good we might accomplish. Said we Should dovite [devote] all our time and talleant to helping to build <up> the kingdom of God on the earth. It was nesisary for us to meet togeather and if we came with our hearts lifted to God we would receive much benefit from it. Spoke on Sere culture [Sericulture]. And appointed A President and two consilous [counselors] for the Stake and an agent in each Settlement to Starte this enterprise. Said it was the most proffitable interprise we could enter into. She did not expect to derive much benifit from this Source herself, but She had been called to the head to get this industry Started for the benifit of the rising generation, but She had already receiv [received] Some benifit from this soerce She had A beautifull Silk dress and several other articles of utah produtons [productions]

[. . .] [p. 61] [. . .] Sr Snow then put before the conference Stake Officers for thaer Sustainance all of which were unanimously Sustained She then offered A few words of council to the young Association desired the Pres to teach then to cultivate their Manners and be come very refined fit our selves to mingle with the most refined for kings [p. 62] and Queens would come to visit us and we should prepare our selves to mingle with the angles the Daughters of Zion should be the most refined and ladylike on the earth as zion was the head of the whole earth. Advised the young Ladies to get all the church productions and read them then get all good historys and read them, said no assotiation was complete without A library, no assosiation was in A flourishing condition, without it they must have books to read and become intelligent on all subjects councilled the Sisters to be very obedient to the Priesthood and besure and never take A step in opposition to it for when we done this we opened the doar for Leagions of evil spirits to enter. Spoke very pointedly on the right of Franchise Said it was just as much our duty to go and vote for our officers as it was to neal down and pray, and when She Saw A Sister Skrink [shrink] from this duty she thought She had lost her interest in the kingdom of God and the welfare of Zion Said we had no time to spend in useless conversation and talking about each other but talk about the princaples of the gospel and what good we can do and what home producions we can enter into. Said there was one thing that she wishes us to guard our selves against that was this false Simpathy between families which I will try to explain. Supose I go to A Sister and say Oh Dear I have So much trouble my husband dont treat me right he treats his other wife better than he does me and I can hardly stand it. that Sister would Say Well Sister Eliza I know your are not treated right I do feal Sorry for you if I was you I would not Stand it this kills me I <drop under it.> I could hardly stand it before now I cant stand it at all. While if that Sister had said well sister Eliza I am surprised at you I thought you was brave I thought you could Stand any thing that the Gospel required of you any thing that was for your Salvation [p. 63] and exaltation Why I am Ashamed of you now do try to be brave try and do better, if she had have talked this way I should have went home fealing much better for the visit. Said I want to bear my testimony to you my Sisters and I want you to receive it celestial mariage is true and from God and without it we can never be saved and exalted in the presence of God and I want to say to you that the happiest woman on earth is the one that is living right in plurality but mind you I Say living right for there is many that does not. Joseph Smith said we would onely be rewarded in proportion as we over come and I can tell you my Sisters plurality is the greatest thing in the world to over come.1

[. . .]

Sr Eliza wished to say to the teachers She never felt herself competent to beA teacher but if she was called to that Office by the Priesthood she [p. 64] would respond to the call. But the first thing she would do would be to pray for the Spirit of the Lord and the Holy Ghost that When she went to visit A sister She might know as soon as she entered what spirit ruled in that house. And if She found A Sister in trouble and fil[l]ed with Jeliousies [jealousies] She would want to have the love of A Mother to take her and comfort her and instruct her in her duties. It is A teachers place to wash and anoint and administer to them and you are living right the power of God will attend yo[u]r administration. She considered A teachers Office the most responsable Office in the church they should be very wise and judicious and always have the spirit of the Lord with them that they might put down iniquity wherever they found it and if you have not made A covenant with yourselves to obey the Priesthood inplisitly [implicitly] and never refuse to do any duty that is required ofyou I want you to do make to day. Said that Joseph said the relief Society was an organization of the kingdom of God that had always been in the church whenever it was established upon the earth he said the Sisters had A right to administer to the sick. he said this in A relief meeting which was very large and crowded it was there he first spoke of leaving this world Said he would not be here long he was A going to turn the key for the relief Society and the church. Said the fealings of that congregation could easier be imagined than described at those words.

She spoke on union, Said she joined the united Order when she joined the church she had nothing of her own her time and what little tallen [talent] She had she devoted to the building up of the kingdom She was like A child working at home with the Father for the general good of the family and after A while he would come along and devide the estate and we would share with Our elder brother Jesus Christ [p. 65]

Source Note

Kingston Ward, Panguitch Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1973), vol. 1 (1878–1898), pp. 60–65, CHL (LR 4463 14).

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