19 March 1880

Weber Stake Primary; Ogden Tabernacle, Ogden, Utah Territory

A long, rectangular building with triangle roof, a single chimney, and three arched, front-facing windows.

Original Ogden Stake Tabernacle. (Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.)

[. . .] Sister Snow asked some questions which were promptly answered the children told the names of the 12 Apostles and repeated the Lords prayer [. . .] Sister Snow thought all the wards were doing remarkably well, and requested the children to sing a couple of paragraph’s of We Thank The[e] O God for A Prophet, and asked them if they would like to have Pres. [John] Taylor speak and they answered in the affirmative.

[. . .] [p. 69]

Sister Snow

I am pleased to see so many children and see you give such good attention to the speaker She then related an anecdote about a certain Dr and asked the children who was their Dr and they said the Lord. Now when you are sick send for the Elders to heal you in the name of Jesus Christ. She related an anecdote about the poor boy whose father was dead and whose mother was poor, he went to seek employment and went to the house of a rich man and the man told him he did not want him so the little boy took his departure and he seen a pin and picked it up and the rich man seen him and said, such a saving boy is worth having so he called him back and employed him and he grew up a good rich man. Now I want you to be saving industrious just like this little boy, and when you get 10 cts [cents] for candy take 5 cts for the Temple and 5 cts for candy and then you can say I helpled to build this temple, Amen.

The Third Ward sang “O my Father.” etc,

Sister [Zina D. H.] Young

Said she wanted them to be good boys and girls and told them about the Mount of Olives and said Sister Snow had been there. [. . .] [p. 70]

Source Note

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